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Why don't we change the music?

Asked by Headhurts (4505points) October 9th, 2013

Why do we always listen to songs that suit the way we are feeling?

Sad songs when sad, happy songs when happy.

Why don’t we try and change the music, to change the mood?

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We seek out that which reinforces our feelings, not what changes our feelings.

There is nothing wrong with feeling what we feel, experiencing our emotions is actually the best way to get past them onto another emotional state.

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Good question. I know that when I am really sad there are some albums that I cannot play; the first year of the separation they would reduce me to tears. On the other hand, Ican only play Bruce or Motown when I am happy. I guess @zenvelo is right; we use music to confirm our feelings generally, not change them.

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I do this all the time (change the music, that is). It can work!

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“We” don’t. lol
I don’t deliberately seek out sad songs when I am feeling blue.
I don’t like being a masochist.

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I sort of view it like the music I choose when I’m driving: if I’m falling asleep, I put on the loudest thing in my collection, to keep myself safe. Likewise, if I’m feeling depressed, I’m apt to put on something lively to remedy that.

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I only rage against the machine on occasion, doesn’t mean I’m angry, it’s an energy thing for me.

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I’m not sure I do that.

When I really don’t feel like cleaning the house, I blast some great music and get out the vacuum.

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I would agree with you. I can’t listen intently to music if the mood is wrong and I don’t enjoy it. The music has to be in sympathy with how I feel, if I feel a little down then melancholy music is what I want to hear. It doesn’t jar and it sounds very sweet and pleasant. Sadness isn’t an illness that should be cured, it should be accepted knowing it will pass of its own accord.

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I have several playlists I put on when I’m unhappy and don’t want to be. It works very well, for me.

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I do… eventually. First I listen to music that suits my negative mood as a way to express and purge those emotions. I will then make a conscious effort to choose uplifting tunes to help motivate me out of my funk with a funky groove.

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I’d like to point out that death metal is good for every mood.
This one is great.

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I do change the music. If I’m feeling down, I always play this, it’s guaranteed to make me feel better.

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