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How much do your shoes cost?

Asked by giggles (162points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

the price of shoes these days are ridiculous!!!! So how much on average are you spending on shoes??

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Despite the fact that I’m supposed to be a grown up, I’m still wearing Vans slip-ons daily. They’re $40.

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$70 – White Pumas
Most I’ve ever paid for shoes.

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@breefield is the $70 worth it?

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I wear zip up euro boots, most of them are in the $400 range. Why? Because they’ll outlast me.

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I bought Globe shoes for 75 € (a discount the original price was 90 €). It’s not in my habits to buy sych expensive shoes vut my old Van’s were very life shorted. I thought this kind of shoes will last at least like my old Adidas (2 years of good services !), but there is already a hole in the back of the heel…

If anyone jnows doog shoes which don’t last 3 month, PM Me ! ;)

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My thrift store slip-ons were a couple bucks. My pair of these:
is worth $350, but I found them for a lot less. Otherwise I typically pay somewhere in the
$70 range.

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I’m not sure, most shoes are pretty expensive, and no-one else has white pumas….yet…so for now they’re worth it.

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crazy!! But I really can’t talk because I’m buying are $75! I’m buying a pair of lakia joined with enjoi!! The lakario limited edition chocolate color!!!!

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my friend averages 300, but her minolo blanik for about 490 us. I spend from 35 to 100 us, but I am on my feet all day, and walk (by my pedometer) an average of 15000 steps a day.

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@giggles that’s so funny, you hypocrite. jk :p

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I usually pay between $ 35–50 Adios, DC, Etnies, Osiris (mostly skate shoes). The most expensive shoe I own are a pair of Diesel shoes that cost around $ 150

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shit shoes are expensive!!!!... i mean i know mine are too but mine are pretty!!! seee…...

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I love Enjoi, my deck has that panda on it!

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Maybe they’re pricey because they’re made of panda, and panda is rare.

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@breefield i have a kill whitey enjoi board!!!!! and i love it!!!!

@peedub aka “gummie” hahaha good observation but i dont think its really panda

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Oh boy….... Don’t even ask LOL my husband was ready to throw me and my shoes out one time LOL I have more shoes than anyone needs ever, but ive calmed down a LOT!!!

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Haha, I made the mistake (jk) of agreeing to buy my ex some Marc Jacobs boots. I didn’t know how much they’d be.

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My feet are free

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flip-flops in summer, 2 for 5$ other then that children nikes, around 50 or my slip ons, which are about 30–40

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I usually spend between $60–100 on a pair of shoes.. But i also usually wear them until they are literally falling apart and i almost have to buy a new pair.

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most: 140. Way to much but comfy, and I needed comfy shoes after my foot surgery.
(I’ve found the best pair of diesel sneaks for only 40$! You gotta dig for bargains)
One day when I can afford it I will buy: Marc Jacobs, Jimmy choo’s, manolos, betsy Johnson (so cute)..... Sighhhhhh. Sorry. I love shoes.

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Camper Peu – $175

They support the principles I believe in, make a great looking, high quality shoe. None of that Chinese factory shit. They’re one of those things where you get what you pay for. How many pairs of shoes come with a 2 year warranty?

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Camper has the best leather.

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My cheapest pair were €7 and most expensive were $400.
The rest are somewhere in between, probably averaging around $100 a pair.

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I have a $200 pair of gator skinned cowboy boots that are excellent. They are my 80% of the time footwear. For backup I have a $50 pair of brown pumas and a $90 pair of dress shoes to wear when I need to dress up.

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$20 or less. This has been the rule in my house since I was old enough to choose my own shoes. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to find cheap, comfy, long-lasting, cute shoes if you just look a little closer.

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25–40 dollatas… go to the skateshop they usually have some vans, d.c. or something half off or on clearance.

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Its much easier for women to finder a greater variety of nice, cheaper shoes and clothes. Since the market is so saturated within the demographic, suppliers are forced to become much more competitive with their styles and price point.

Much harder to find something that’s unique, high quality, and affordable as a male.

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I’m like omfgTALIjustIMDu . I buy cheap shoes. The most I have ever spent on a pair of shoes was $85.00, and I really didn’t feel much different in them than a $20.00 pair.

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I’m wearing my 8 eyelet bovver boots that I got brand new from the Opp shop (good will) for 5 bucks. I’ve also got another pair for $5 and another for $2.

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I’m weird so I wear jordan’s but I also wear skate shoes (fallen, dc, Nike p. Rod). My average price for skate shoes is $75. My average price for jordans is $150

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I spend more on my running shoes and hiking boots than anything else. I’m a cheapo when it comes to dress shoes – maybe $40.00.

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The most I’ve spent on shoes are $350. I’m a BIG shoes fan and a sneakerhead.

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