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Can sugar make you happy?

Asked by lovespurple (279points) January 26th, 2011 from iPhone

Literally. Do you think sugar can replace antidepressants for minor depression?

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No more so than, say cocaine.

It may work for a while, but it won’t work forever. And it contributes to the blues in between.

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I think exercise would be a more effective self medication for minor depression. Sugar, while pleasant, doesn’t seem to be a mood altering substance for me.

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I think sugar is a false sense of hope, like you only feel better for a moment cause your lost in thought about how tasty the treat is.

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Sugar alone, no, sugar in a pseudo-Pavlovian conjunction with, say, a birthday, maybe.
Of our common drugs, I’d say that caffeine would go a longer way.

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I love a square of dark chocolate and it really does relax me. Only dark chocolate has that effect.

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It IS more like a drug. An initial high, then you crash worse than ever. A better natural treatment to alieve depression is exercise. Walk ½ hour a day and you WILL see improvement.

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My best depression-breaker (for minor depression, since that’s what we’re talking about) relies entirely on the chemicals that I’ve already got sloshing around in the ol’ noggin: I come up with a plan to do something. Always feasible, generally romantic, like moving to Germany to teach English, or fulfill the dream of many a childhood and drive a train for a living, or going to graduate school. I guess it’s how I tell myself that, yes, I still have my entire adult life ahead of me, and I’m not confined to my present, occasionally gloomy circumstances.

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If the sugar is incorporated into a sweet, chocolatey, gooey bit of loveliness, I say yes, temporary help.

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One of the things that keeps me ticking and alive. Just like air and water for me!

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For a little while, and then you crash

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lol, ok just wondering. I was stressed last night and getting very overwhelmed and depressed. I ate a popsicle and from then on was happy. That’s why I asked.

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