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Men: Do you look forward to Valentine's Day?

Asked by Aethelwine (42964points) February 13th, 2013

I wonder how many men dread this holiday and feel pressure to please their s/o. Are you one of these men, or do you wish the day was already here because you just can’t wait!?

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I’m pretty much guaranteed a blow job, so yeah…bring it on!

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No – because I think it’s a silly made up holiday. I do nice things for my wife and tell her I love her every day. But if you miss V-Day, you’re a schmuck. Stupid.

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I like it. My s/o tells me not to do anything every time, but the smile on her face is worth every bit of effort and then some.

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Sure. I get to see and smell some pretty flowers, buy some candy and eat a couple of pieces (something I would NEVER do on my own account), have a legitimate reason to splurge and go out to eat at a nice place and order a decent bottle of wine instead of swill, and probably have GF become unusually passionate and sexually adventurous at the end of the day.
What’s not to look forward to?

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You are the sweetest wife ever, posting this to gently remind your husband. Nice!!!

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@josie That’s the attitude! Splurge a little and then get some. What could be better?

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@Adirondackwannabe Life is really not all that complicated when you get down to it

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Best holiday of the year, even if it was invented to sell more cards and chocolates and what not.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought teehee. I told him right before I asked this question that he doesn’t need to surprise me with anything tomorrow. We have an anniversary coming up. That day means more to me than a silly Hallmark holiday. :)

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Why waste money on something that isn’t going to last more than a day?
Exactly, it is a Hallmark Holiday. It’s a load of commercialized junk. The only difference between this Hallmark Holiday and Christmas, is that there’s more effort from the retail industry to plug your head full of goddamn carols and shitty Christmas tracks from the 70s and 80s whilst you spend money on other people for shit you don’t want but everyone else might.
I do prefer Valentine’s Day though because my eyes and ears aren’t subjected to months on end of corny (or just really rubbish) love songs, “Great Valentine’s Day cards in store” signs and god alone knows what else.
That said, I’m not looking forward to it because my SO is 300 miles away and I haven’t been able to afford to go and see her so that’s waiting until later on this month.

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My husband apparently does. Even though I told him, in all seriousness, to not buy me anything this year, I’m pretty sure he did anyway. He gets giddy about it, and steals half my chocolates, LOL!

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No, I look forward to steak and bj day

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No. There is pressure, but if the woman doesn’t buy into the bs she’s worth it lol.

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No. Not at all. Fuck Valentine’s Day.

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I would have let it get by me if not for a trip to Walgreens to get an ankle brace. All those people packed into the candy isle. Red, red everywhere. Ok so I grabbed a red heart shaped box with the brace. Odd thing was, way more women in there than guys


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It’s like having your annual review. If you do it right, you’re ok, but you never get ahead and you never get anything positive out of it. But if you fuck it up, you’re in trouble forever. It’s a horrible day with all the pressure on the guy and none on the woman. I hate it with a passion. But at least all I have to do is spend money. Three boxes of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, and I’m ok. Problem is, since it’s on Thursday this year, there is no way I can get what I need to get. Unfortunately, they don’t postpone it until the weekend. So I’m screwed this year. Totally fucked. And not the good kind of fucked, either.

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We don’t do presents or candy on V-day, and not even always a card, so there’s no pressure. One of our earliest dates was on Valentine’s day, when my then-newish-boyfriend cooked dinner for me for the first time. That’s how we generally celebrate it, almost like an anniversary of that date. Always a laid back but yummy dinner at home, usually cooked by my husband. This year, he doesn’t even have to cook! We’re going to splurge and order Chinese food. I might get lucky.

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I dropped off my flowers this morning to my s/o. The other guys in the office gave ne a ribbing for making them look bad. Maybe they’ll do something nice because of it. Then I’ve done good today.

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It’s just human culture. I think it’s just as any other holyday, the problem we could have is the motive behind it, I mean it’s origion. Some people would question why should we value the inventions of people far from us in principle and value if you like to put it. I don’t have insight about the origion of this day, the man behind it, but i would not mind dancing to the tune once I have one special to me.It’s a matter of principle and whom what you value.

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I’m good. Got the flowers and the chocolates. No doghouse for me, tonight.

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No, I never seem to be able to get it right.
I can’t go with flowers or candy because my SO is too practical and wants to buy it the next day when it cost 50% less so thats out.
And we decided years ago that other gifts are not necessary but I seem to be in trouble if I do not buy at least a little something but I aso get in trouble if I do because I am wasting money on trinkets.
It’s kind of a lose/lose holiday for me.
I wish it would go away.

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Sheesh, what kind of women are y’all involved with, for it to always be a lose/lose situation? This is the first year that my husband actually listened to me and only got me a card. I thanked him profusely for that. He would never get in trouble for getting me nothing if I told him to get me nothing. But I’m also the kind of woman who wants an honest answer when I ask, “Does this make me look fat?”

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@rojo Spend the money. Just tell her you got a deal.

@WillWorkForChocolate I’ll take flowers and chocolates over a card, any day. A card takes far more energy to find than either of the others. My wife may be high maintenance, but if she demanded cards, she would be impossibly high maintenance. I wonder what your husband would say about the card. If he were being honest.

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He likes picking out cards, and usually underlines certain words that he wants to emphasize.

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He’s a gem!

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