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What cd's are currently in your car?

Asked by sakura (8267points) January 30th, 2011

Just being, nosey, I recently loaded my new car up with cd’s and had a hard time choosing 6. Just wondering what lurks in your car cd player, and why did you choose those particular cd’s?

I finally settled on

Guns and Roses – Appetite for destruction

Alanis Morrissette – Jagged Little Pill

Matchbox Twenty – Exile in Mainsteam and Mad Season

Babybird – Ugly Beautiful (has my fav song on)

Counting Crows – Hard Candy

ps I’m from the UK – I’m not sure if where you come from makes any difference to your music choice…I’ll guess we will see!!

pps – I’ve linked to a bit of info, certain songs for those that may not have heard of said bands… feel free to do this as well :)

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by Ryan Adams

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lots of rock and hip hop and pop stuff like that

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Funny you ask, I just swapped out the CDs I was carrying around for few months, so I happen to know the answer today. I have a six CD player, too.

Los Lobos РLa Pistola y El Corazón
Anita O’Day – Sings the Winners
Green Day – Dookie
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
The Clash – London Calling (my favorite songs from a 2-disk set)
Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

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Hey a whole heap of jellies, I’ve never met before, how exciting, just goes to show I should try adding different topics when I ask a question!!

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Zero, considering I don’t currently own one. Not to mention the vehicles I do drive don’t even have stereos in them. Yep, I’m just awesome like that I guess.

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My CD player is chocked but I plug my MP3 player into it and it is loaded with everything. A lot of Steve Morse, Nora, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Frank Marino, Howlin Wolf, Buddy Guy, Freddie King…..too much to list

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I have a 6 CD-changer and currently there is: my friend’s mix CD, my mix CD #39, my mix CD #38, Glazunov symphonies, Schubert symphonies, and a rap mix CD.

I also plug my iPhone into my car, but my iPhone has no classical music on it; I reserve that for CDs.

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Counting Crows – August and Everything After
OK Go – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
Street Sweeper Social Club – Street Sweeper Social Club
Street Sweeper Social Club – Ghetto Blaster
Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
Stroke 9 – Nasty Little Thoughts

(Links are to various songs of the albums named.)

The collection wasn’t chosen so much as just accumulated as my wife and I wanted to listen to various things. We tend not to bring CDs in from the car until we’re running out of space for them in the door pockets.

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My cd player broke because it has no more sound.$60 dollars going down the toilet. Oh no! But i have an ipod so im happy

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Oh man, what a great question. I haven’t bought a CD since sometime before I graduated college. I’m 27, so that means I’m stuck with the best of the mid-aughts decade, as well as some random carryover from high school. I have two CD cases in my car. One is filled with the jamband show downloads I was obsessed with in college. The other is filled with more random stuff. Without taking a direct look, I can tell you that Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell” album is situated next to Belle and Sebastian’s “Dear Catastropher Waitress.” There’s also a Rusted Root album from the late 90s, some older Dylan bootlegs and about half a dozen Putumayo discs that I ‘took’ from my company’s retail store. I’m pretty sure I have “Turkish Groove” in the CD player right now, though it’s been weeks since I’ve listened.

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None. I have a tape player. ._.

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Book on CD. “Einstein: His Life and Universe ” by Walter Isaacson.
He was one shmart boy!

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I sometimes take my Sony Walkman with me when I am out cycling. Does that count?

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Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits

It got left behind when I took my cd case into the house.

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The Jim Jones Review, Pulled Apart By Horses and Dinosaur Pile-Up. I generally prefer loud shouty music in the car. I’m not sure how that reflects on my driving!

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Only a few that got left behind when I got my iPod transmitter.

Reunion Tour by The Weakerthans is the only one I can think of (I don’t drive much).

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@sakura Nice :-)
I’m always changing what music I have in the car. At the moment, I think I’ve got Elbow, Coldplay, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and a mixed chart cd

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None.I use an MP3.
I have alot of blues on mine and other things.The last song I listened to on there was this

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My disc changer is full of my own mix cds plus one:

Mix of Michael Jackson songs.
Mix of 40’s/50’s blues/jazz songs.
Mix of hiphop songs.
Mix of classic rock songs.
Jive Bunny and the Master Mixers – The Album

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The White Stripes – Elephant
B.B. King & Eric Clapton – Ridin’ With the King
Audioslave – Revelations
G. Love – Lemonade
A Day To Remember – Old Record.

Hmmm… just realized my taste in music is all over the place haha

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Noisia – Noisia
Shpongle – Ineffible Mysteries from Shpongleland
The Glitch Mob – Drink The Sea
The Chemical Brothers – Come With Us
Pendulum – Immersion

Those are the ones on heavy rotation right now. But there’s a lot more, mostly consisting of a couple rock CDs and more electronic and indie.

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@dverhey Pendulum’s song “Set Me on Fire” is my favorite :) very good pick!

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I still have the original stock radio in my ‘85 ‘yota and they didn’t have CD players back then! That said, I do listen to music. I slide an adapter into my cassette player and pipe in MP3s from my Droid X.

I don’t normally go for full albums, so most of my collection is random singles. The notable exceptions are:

Lost Horizons – Abney Park
The WallYou know damn well who does this one!
Kings of Sleep – Stuart Hamm

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Don’t have a car. Got a Harley. Too many CDs in the saddle bag to remember them all, but everything from ManOWar to John Phillip Sousa, from Joan Jett to Armen van Buren. : ))

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@CaptainHarley No Wagner? I can just see you putting across Texas to Flight of the Valkyries.

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@jerv LOL! Yep! Got several classical CDs in there too, as well as bagpipes, etc. I don’t really like Flight of the Valkyries though. Sorry to disappoint! ; ))

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what an interesting bunch of people you all are, such a wide selection :)

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@sakura You noticed that too, eh? : D

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Oh, and by the way, @jerv… Harleys do NOT “putt!” LOL!

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@CaptainHarley That’s right. They “potato, potato, potato…!”
My two stroke Kaw “brring a ding ding ding ding“s!

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LMAO! Mine kinda goes, BRRRRRaaaaakkk! Blum! Blum! Blum! Blum! : D

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LMAFO oh yeah! i love lets see
Lady gaga
Katy perry

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I tend to listen to my iPod in the car but I have some CD’s just in case. A couple of Barbra Streisand’s, Cher, Anastacia and Meat Loaf

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