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If you could have your closest family members as neighbours, would you take up that option?

Asked by ucme (50037points) January 31st, 2011

That would be your closest living relatives, whoever they may be. I wouldn’t at all, I mean yeah it may have some benefits, but these would be outweighed by the inevitable pitfalls. As it happens my Mum lives not two miles away, my brothers not much more than that & for me that works out just fine. Close enough to maintain regular contact, yet far enough away to not feel smothered. They do tend to interfere on occasion do mothers, with the best will in the world of course….bless em.

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My sisters? HELL YES. Anyone else? HELL NO.

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Do you mean closest relationship-wise or location-wise? Either way, I would be fine if any of my siblings lived next door (in my family, we each keep to ourselves alot so I don’t foresee any stepping on toes). I wouldn’t want either mine or my wife’s parents to live right next door because they would always be in our business then, even if it wasn’t their intention. That said, my in-laws live 5 mins. away and that is great because they help out alot. I wish that my parents lived closer than they do because then they would probably help out more. But right next door is too close for comfort.

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Nope nope nope nope nope nope

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@glenjamin That would be relationship wise yes.

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A few years back, maybe so. But not now. A few years back I didn’t understand the way my father beat up on me and now my son. Now I understand, and now the kids don’t get to stay with them alone any more.

My brother and my sister? Maybe.

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I would LOVE if my family lived next door and NOT 3,000 miles away. We’re at a point in our lives where everyone is moving… sister is going to college, dad is moving out of NY (either to Florida or South Carolina) and mom will be moving within the next 3 years as well. I’m just hoping they all end up in the same state. As of right now, I could potentially have a mom in NY, a sister in FL, and a dad in SC while I’m in Ca. and that is anything but ideal. :(

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Yes! I love my family and they are alot of fun to be with :))

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Absolutely! I always thought it would be wonderful to have a large piece of property and have a family compound. Each immediate family would have their own house on the property, but there could be shared workshop areas or recreation areas (such as a tennis court, pool, basketball court). We have a pretty large family and we’re spread out. We try to get together often, but sometimes the long drive makes that impossible. I think as long as you have the privacy of your own home, living near each other would be great.

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No, unfortunately.

I wouldn’t mind having my best friends as neighbors. But not my closest family.

I would have to be carted away in a strait jacket after about two weeks.

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My youngest sister and her failiy I could see living next to, my BIL is a great guy and a good guitar player…the rest would either drive me crazy or I know I would them!

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Thanks all, as expected opinion seems pretty much split down the middle. Good stuff :¬)

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Yes, right next door might be a bit of a problem at times, but would still be better than all of them living over 1.200 miles away.

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I think that when i get older I’d like to live close to my family, because they mean so much to me.. But right now at the age of 19 I just want to get as far away from them as possible to live on my own, to see the world and learn from my own mistakes without having them around telling me whats right and wrong

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@kariper Now that rings true certainly. Welcome to the madhouse…....I mean fluther :¬)

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@ucme haha, thanks I guess :-) I love this page!! really makes me re-think my opinions you know and i just love random questioning

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@kariper Well then you’re in the right place!

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We all live about a mile to a mile & a half from each other, just enough distance that they use the phone rather than pop over! :-/
We lived in each others pockets long enough as kids, so I guess we’re all happy now with a little more than walls dividing us……
I pay regular weekly visits to see my Mother in her care home which is just in the next village….. We all tend to meet up there….

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My dad and grandmother live 300 miles away and my wife’s dad as well as a couple of her brothers life around 200 miles away. Neither they or our kids are getting any younger. I’d really like for them to be able to spend more time together.

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Yes. The advantages to this are numerous.

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When I was a kid my mom’s parents, her sister, and my cousins lived nearby, as did my dad’s parents, my dad’s sister, brother, and their families. Now, the closest any live is 2 hours, and my dad is two days away. I didn’t really appreciate what I had then, but I doubt anyone really does as kids.

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I’d love to have my family closer than what they are now. As far as living in the same neighborhood, sure, I wouldn’t mind that with most of our family.

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I’m fine with having my family in the same state, but I would never want one of them to live next door to me. Their too nosey.

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Yes, yes, yes. I have looked into buying an apartment building so we could each have a place to live. I rue the day I bought my son’s house 25 minutes drive away. I with they were within walking distance so many time over the last four years. We looked at numerous duplexes, but they were all too small.

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I’ve lived with much of my family just a two minute walk away. And although things weren’t rosy all the time I really did like having them there. That was a long time ago now.

Now I am a 5 hour drive away from one sister (who is a little crazy) an 8 hour drive away from another and a 13 hour drive away from my last sister and brother. For me that’s too far even with the crazy siblings. Of course, as some of you know, my baby sister lives with me because she is the survivor of a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury and she can’t live on her own.

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My younger son called me this afternoon. We talked for awhile and almost died laughing at this list of things I got in an email. Then I told him that I would probably be seeing them again in May, he got real quiet for a moment, then told me how much they missed me. He sounded really sad. : ((

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aw @CaptainHarley that just made cry! (I miss my mom who also lived too far away)

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I sometimes get the feeling that my children don’t miss me much, but then one of them will say something like this and almost make me cry. Sometimes I feel so torn. I love my wife to death, and she has been incredibly good for me, completely asside from her having saved my life… literally. But I sometimes miss my children and grandchildren so much that it hurts. I try to get back to NC to see them all at least twice a year, but that’s usually only for two weeks each time. Four weeks out of a year isn’t an awful lot. The fact that I have incurable cancer and diabetes only serves to complicate things. Sigh! : (

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I’ve just been informed that this is a serious inquiry. I will respond with, Dear sweet Jesus in Heaven NO!

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Last year I bought a retirement house in the same development as my sister, so obviously yes.

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I think it’s really nice that so many Jellies would want to be so close to their families. :-)

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Jellies seem to be rather social creatures, so that would stand to reason. : )

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My family? Absolutely! In-laws? Not so much.

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No way. within 15–30 minutes is good for me.

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Thanks all! Yeah I guess opinions differ dependant on circumstances & of course on individual needs & wants. As I said it’s not for me, sometimes arms length is the way to go. A classic case of each to their own. Good stuff.

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Never in a million years. I left the town where a large majority of my family live for a reason and I have never looked back. I love them but I like the distance between us.

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