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Have you always kept a pet & what was the longest period of time you were without any?

Asked by ucme (45421points) January 8th, 2011

Yeah, as far as I can remember we’ve always kept a pet of some description. Mostly dogs, but also the occasional guinea pig hamster & goldfish. At the moment we have one pooch two guineas & a solitary hamster.Only once have we had two dogs simultaneously. There have been gaps between, when a dog dies for instance. A short but meaningful “grieving” period is only fitting I think. So yeah, how about you & your furry companions? Ever present or occasional additions to the “family”?

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I think the only time I have ever been without a pet was for a month or two after I moved out. Before then and since then I have always had them, usually many.

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I’ve always had a pet (always a dog and cat at my parents’ house, until their last dog passed away and they decided to have 2 cats instead – they travel a lot). I got my first kitty of my own about 3 weeks after I moved out of my parents’ house. I can’t imagine not having some kind of snuggly pet.

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I have not been without a pet since before I was born. lol

I am, however, at the lowest number of pets for my lifetime right now.
2 cats and 2 geese. They are, respectively, ages 11 months and 19 months and 5/6 and 12 years old.

Geese can live well into their 20’s, sometimes longer and the cats should have another decade and a half, at least….I may be writing them into my will. lol

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The longest I’ve been without a pet is a year. I’ve mostly had dogs, but I’ve also had a hamster and a fish.

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I did not have a pet after I moved away from home until I was in my 20s. Then I got my first cat and never looked back. Right now I only have two dogs.

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I’ve had the same Pet Rock since I was 5…. if that counts

I think it’s dead though…It never eats, drinks or poops…...or moves…

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Only in college. Can’t imagine what it would be like, now, I don’t want to find out…

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I went about 2 years without a pet after my divorce. We shared custody of a dog for a while, but that didn’t work out. I got my own dog and let my ex keep ours.

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I’ve had a pet of some sort since I was 4.

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After losing my old cat last May and adopting a pair of new guy’s, I had, for the first time ever, this weird realization, ” WOW! I will be in my late SIXTIES! ” the time my current pets might ‘expire’,on the long end of their longevity spectrum.

This was the first time in my life I had these thoughts when adopting a new pet. Very strange place to be!

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I never had a pet until I was married at twenty. He loved dogs; I knew nothing about them. I’ve had 2 dogs for 4 years now. Inside dogs so I know them very well.

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I have been without a pet for a few years at a time. It was not my choice. My husband doesn’t like pets. I now have one cat. The cat and I suffer his abuse to be together.
By abuse I mean he often rants about “worthless cats”, “cat hair on his clothes”, and “you like that cat a lot more than you like me”.
he’s right about that last…

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Have never owned a pet since I left home at the age of 18 for college. I am 43.

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In 28 years on this earth I have never not had a pet. I’ve had pets in my home since the day I was born. I can’t actually imagine a life without them, it’s a very foreign concept to me.

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a month…’s ruff without your furry friends.

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We acquired our first dog when I was about 7 or 8 and I have never been without one since and I never will be. Dogs are such an integral part of my existence, I can’t imagine life without their comfort and company. I also like cats, birds, lizards, etc. but dogs are my favorite (as you can see by my avatar!)

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Since the beginning of my first marriage – 1992 – I’ve always had at least one cat, usually two. Currently we have two cats and a bunch of goldfish in an outdoor pond. I don’t think of the fish as pets even though we do have to take care of them.

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Yes, since I was born. I’m 56. Mostly dogs and cats at the same time but sometimes just one or the other.

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I had a dog between ages 4 and 5, a cat from 14–18 and I’ve lived with a dog now (techically my roomies’ dog) since 2004.

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I have gone 10 or 15 years between pets because it was not convenient to own one.

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For a few years we travelled around the country a lot due to my dad being in the Navy. I was a young child but I hated not having an animal around but I can understand my parents reluctance to have a pet at the time.

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