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What formerly seasonal food do you now find available all year round?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31167points) February 1st, 2011

Blueberries. I’ve been gorging myself on Chilean blueberries for the past few weeks, because it’s winter yet they’re available and they’re cheap. They make me think of other warmer times of year.

Have you found a food that was normally available during only one season that is now fresh all year?

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Bananas, oranges, apples, strawberries.

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Fruits and vegetables definitely. i love having them year-round.

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well, maybe not the whole year round (unless you count those little cadbury’s creme eggs lol) but on January 2nd, easter eggs went on sale here :-) Can’t get much more of a seasonal item than that lol.
huggles xx

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Frankly, almost all of them.

Most people have been so far removed from the origins of their food for so long that they tend to forget that almost all foods have a season.

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Exactly @YoBob… I was just thinking about the pre-fridge days when we they had to make daily trips to market for a days worth of food.

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Actually, I am not all that far removed from “they”. I come from a long line of farmers/ranchers. I remember going to my grand parents house and being expected to do minor chores which generally revolved around tending the crops or animals. Often times in the chore involved harvesting some produce that would almost always wind up on the table that evening.

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Strawberries used to wonderful in New Jersey in June, now they taste like shit but are available year round. An improvement?

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Asparagus. Green beans. All kinds of fruits: apples, peaches, nectarines, grapes, and on and on. A lot of it is from South America. Used to be only from Florida and California.

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Watermelon. Not necessarily in the whole version, but always available in the cut-fruit section of the produce section.

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I’m with @janbb. I’m able to find all kinds of seasonal fruits and veggies in the supermarket, but they’re all flown in from halfway around the world, way past their optimum freshness, and taste sub-par. I much prefer buying them in bulk from local sources when they’re in season, and freezing them for use year-round.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That’s what I do with NJ blueberries every summer.

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It’s worth noting that foods flown or trucked in from distant climes will have levied a great toll on the environment by way of their carbon footprints. I try to be green by buying local and or organic, in season. As mentioned, local seasonal foods taste better, and they’re better for you. I did just buy some organic strawberries from California. It is nice to be reminded of June.

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Fruit and Vegetables.

i fucking lurve refrigeration and the industrial revolution

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Raspberries were 2/$3 yesterday. Unbelievable.

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@simpleD I agree in theory with your statement but there is no local where I live in the winter. I’d get scurvy, so I have to increase my carbon footprint.

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@faye said scurvy. Heh.

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