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Public places with walk-in freezers?

Asked by capet (988points) March 18th, 2022

Does anyone have any advice for how to find public places with walk-in freezers? I’m assuming the answer is “nowhere,” but I wanted to ask.

(I just bought some winter coveralls, and I wanted to see how they perform if I just stand around in a freezer for a few minutes.)

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Walk-in freezers are restaurants and food establishments. Don’t think they’ll let just walk in and stay for 45 minutes !

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Maybe find an ice rink.

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You might find a convenience store with one. I think most of those are coolers…not freezers…but it won’t hurt to ask!!!

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Every supermarket has one. And having once worked from one 50 years ago: If you appear at a busy supermarket, dressed for work in the freezer, you can probably waltz into the room without arousing either suspicion or challenge. No one willingly subjects themselves to the insides of one without being paid. Bring a clipboard and appear to be searching or taking notes, and you can linger as long as you choose.

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There are walk-in refrigerated rooms (typically, one for produce, and one for dairy) that shoppers can go in, in most Costco stores. Not the freezers, though.

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How weird.

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You don’t need to wear it , just have the overalls in it.

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Our grocery store, Wegmans, has a large walk-in refrigerator to keep cases of beer cold. It is not a freezer but it is cold.
If you want a case of something cold you just open the door, walk in and grab what you want.
The door does not lock and I’m certain there are cameras so don’t go in there naked.

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Costco also has those cold rooms, They’re not freezers, but they’re very cold and that’s where the milk is. They’re colder than your refrigerator at home, and the milk stays cold for a long time.

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