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Which type of cancer is worse to die from?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) February 2nd, 2011

Out of lung, colon, brain, and liver cancer which one is the worse to die from? Which lakes longer to take you out, makes you suffer longer etc?

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One that you didn’t mention. Multiple Myeloma. I can imagine too many worse ways to die. With the others you mention, I don’t know. All bad but with lung cancer there’t the whole kind of suffocating thing that goes along with all the rest of the pain and suffering. I think that’s pretty bad but I really don’t know.

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I would have to imagine, any form of cancer is the worst to die from.

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Lung cancer took my mom and that was the worst!

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I had a friend who died from brain cancer. “She” was long gone before her body died. it was very hard on her and her family as her higher thought functions were the first to go.

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I also had a friend who died of brain cancer recently. He was pretty lucid up until the very end. They say he had a good death. But he was also doped up to his gills.

Pancreatic cancer is pretty fast, too. Adrenal cancer. Liver cancer. All are fast. Like a year or less. I had a friend who was diagnosed with a week to live. Yikes.

There’s no best way to die, I think.

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I’m a nurse and worked on a cancer unit. They are all awful and painful. Some have bad smells, some disfiguring tumors, some seem to be extra painful and they all strain the dignity, nerves and patience of the patient. A couple of the brain cancers are painless but they take away thr person you knew.

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My mom just died of liver cancer and the doctors said she was lucky as this was probably the least painful cancer. By the time it was diagnosed she only had 37 days left.

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