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If you have innovative ideas to change certain things, like public transportation, highway systems, and things of that nature, where do you take them?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) February 2nd, 2011

I have been thinking quite a lot about where things are heading, what to invest in, what could be changed, how things could be better. But I’m not sure where to go with my ideas, other than spouting them to friends, or keeping them to myself.


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First, go to a patent attorney. Then, perhaps to the local or State government agencies that build or organise the systems you’re wanting to improve, OR what ever civil engineering or planning committee that assists.

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Write to your council, or to your MP and ask him to express your views in Parliament. That is, after all, what representative democracy is all about.

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@The_Idler he doesn’t live in a representative democracy, with MP’s and a parliament. He lives in a Republic with local, State, and a federal government. (lol)

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Well I’m sure there is some mechanism for voicing the public’s views and ideas in the grand halls of governance, bastion of democracy that we all know the USA is…?

Perhaps write to your local corporate tycoon or arms-manufacturer?

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You could take them to the agencies in charge of whatever your idea is about or to your local legislator or councilperson.

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You want to work for your local or state planning commission. You probably want to get a degree in urban planning first.

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You could look for journals on transportation or urban planning and submit an article. You could also look for Web sites on these issues and post a comment or send an email. One site that I follow is Carfree Cities

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hey thanks everyone!

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hey @marinelife, is that what they’re calling them over there now? a “Councilperson”!?
What the fuck kind of word is that?

Is it just to stop all the people asking,
“hey, Councillor? I hearda the word council, but what the hell is a lor!? Oh it’s a person!? Well, why couldn’t you have just said councilperson and saved us a fruitless search for lor in the!?”

Do you also have “teachpersons” and “doctpersons” now!?

(EDIT: only half in jest)

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guys, i am sorry but this is BS. and lots of it. i had the technology for pyrolytic oil from waste tires for a long time. and went to government of several countries. they don’t give a damn.
after 3 years of going from door to door I gave the plan to people that own the stocks of waste. in no time they got the money and we produce over 6000t a year of pyrolytic oil that is 12000t of tires every year go green. this is a small example.what I wanna say is they are not gonna help, we have to help ourselves. get your project and start it small at local scale. make some noise so they can not shut U down and move from there…

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and sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.

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Ideas are like butts: everybody has one. Even a good idea is not worth anything unless you can sell it. The world does not need inventors, it needs peddlers.

I have always been aware of that concept, but recently I found corroboration from an academic source. “Dress For Success” by John Molloy advises that vocal training, such as drama, story telling, public speaking, etc, improves a person’s earning power more than any other detail. It makes me sad to hear of all the college graduates who are unable to find work in their fields and nobody in their schools ever told them this.

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@tangoinasia I get what you are saying. Some governments don’t have the infrastructure. I worked with a tyre recycling idea of a client when I was doing accounting in New Zealand. We put proposals together to get grant money but they just didn’t care at the time. The capital investment wasn’t on the budget for any regional waste management. Here in Norway, where I live now, different regions combine their efforts and have systems for food and organic waste management. There is one very large metropolitan area that won’t combine their systems so their city separately collects and disposes of their food and organic waste and it is a huge shame.

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