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What is wrong with my ears?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) February 5th, 2011

Too much quiet irritates me.
I live in a very quiet area, and it drives me a little crazy. I put on music for a large part of the day (except when I’m studying), or have the TV on just so I can listen to something. It actually helps me concentrate better than when it’s completely quiet.
The reason that I ask this question is because I know that most people WANT peace and quiet ALL the time, and I think something is wrong with my hearing or something, because quiet irritates me. Especially when I try to fall asleep. It takes forever for me to fall asleep, even if I am very tired.

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I don’t think it’s a problem with your ears. You just don’t like quiet. Maybe get a white noise generator for your bedroom, one of those that makes the sound of ocean waves breaking.

Lots of people like some background noise, you’re not unusual.

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I’m a noise junkie ;)
Always have some kind of something playing around me. It helps me get out of my head, and I’m able to relax. When it’s too quiet I tend to think too much. I don’t think you’re strange at all.

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it’s good to have something on always. it will cover the fact you might be talking to yourself.

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When I go to the movies now, I carry earplugs in my purse. The volume is too loud and often feels dangerous. It takes the pleasure away.

I keep wondering whether the present group of movie goers have, in general, damaged their hearing by the constant music, beeps, ring tones, and incessant noise that they listen to.

Our wonderful indie Triplex nearby had free ear phones for viewers who ask. It is depressing to go to a movie and have to wear ear muffs.

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@gailcalled we went to see Tron recently and the sound seemed excessive at times. It had me grimacing.

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There’s nothing wrong with you. Unless I was studying or I am sleeping, I like background noise. I get antsy otherwise. Now for sleeping and studying, I want it dead quiet. My husband needs white noise to sleep so I’ve learned to pull the covers over my ears just so.

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Your ears are fine. wife and i go to sleep at night with a fan and tv going. you are not alone.

I think this has something to do when we were a baby. my parents tell me and my wife that we constantly had a fan going, even as an infant. maybe it was the humm of the fan motor that put us and kept us asleep.

All of us are different. some people require complete quietness for sleep time and others require something to help them drift off into lala land.

Again, you are normal. i, too, need background music to study. i think its strictly psychological.

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Have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD?

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