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Is this chick music?

Asked by IHateMusic (526points) February 6th, 2011

I really like it but at the same time…
I know McCartney was kinda’ve a ladies man. I’m undecided as to wether this song is chick music or not.
I’ll keep listening to it either way.

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I’ve heard of chick flicks but never chick music. I don’t consider that song chick music.

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It is a beautiful song and I have never considered it a chick song.
I just have always liked it
My mom used to play this one on the piano for me.:)

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Why does it matter what designation someone may or may not have given it?

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omg….I don’t know about chick music….naaaa…it’s not, WHAT A GREAT SONG AND VIDEO.

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It’s the Beatles, it is not chick music.

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Men can be sensitive as well as women. And this song appeals to both men and women. Truly beautiful music!

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A favorite.

It’s just music, dude. Chick schmick.

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No, The Beatles are never chick music. They are music for everyone.

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I’m 6’ 5”, have an enormous biker beard, wear all black, own three pairs of steel-toed boots, and have gone toe to toe with riot cops on more occasions than I can remember… and if I want to enjoy “chick music,” I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks about. Cub (whose music is referred to as “cuddlecore”) is one of my favourite bands, and I have been known to order Pink Ladies in bars because they taste good. If liking so-called “girly stuff” makes you nervous, then just think about how tough a guy has to be to defy social conventions.

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Near as I can tell, Beatles music cannot hurt your man-cred.

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It’s the Beatles, man! They can do nothing to hurt your image. Either way, most people respect someone who listens to “girly” music. And if they don’t, fuck them! Balls on them for perpetuating gender stereotypes.

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Oh! That song was originally recorded the week I was born!

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The Beatles are totally universal. No matter who you are or what your gender, they are awesome.

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I agree with @SmashTheState that you shouldn’t care what others think. You like what you like, so why should you be ridiculed for it? Just hold your head high and rise above the imbeciles who feel like labeling others. :) Chances are, they’re just as insecure, if not more, as everyone else.

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OMG @MRSHINYSHOES I clicked that link and now I’m dying of a sugar overdose!!! {{shakesfist}}


@downtide Yeah, really sweet and delectable. (the music too, I mean) ;)

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it is what ever you wan’t it to be

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