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Has knowing members of the collective ever stopped you from asking a question?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) February 9th, 2011

The other day I was thinking about how many more members of the collective I know now compared to when I started, either via happening to meet them or introducing my friends to the site. Then it occurred to me that a large majority of the time, I take my questions to Fluther because I enjoy anonymity of the response system. Has knowing another member of the collective ever stopped you from asking a question because it’s not necessarily something you want them to see?

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This is why some people have two accounts. My kids are members here, and if I had something sensitive to ask (or answer), I’d use a different username to do it.

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I have occasionally thought of opening another account to ask certain things, then it occurred to me that the very people that I’d be hiding my identity from are the ones who would know it was me anyway. (Yeah, Auggie, you know who you are!!!)

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You guys are my secret.

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No.When I have the urge to know something ,no matter how sexually charged,I just ask!

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@lucillelucillelucille : my KID is here. I have to keep letting her believe that I’m perfect. (Stop laughing, it’s not polite!) <stamps foot>

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@JilltheTooth—Just a subtle name change is all you need….janedateef,perhaps??
I will start an account using this one…Lucywantstoaskaboutsexreallyreallyreallybadbutistooshyshyshy.
I am sneaky that way

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Yeah, but my kid’s a mod and could probably figure out who I am. <looks over shoulder, darts behind tree, quakes in boots>

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@JilltheTooth -Don’t let that stop you! Try typing with an accent! Gosh! ;)

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And my secret username could be JilltheThreeth.

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@janbb Ok !Now you made me spit coffee! XD
I am starting an account by the name of teefteefteef! XD

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Yeah. I’m really shy and inhibited. Right. Knowing some of you yahoo’s makes it easier.

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Absolutely because you already know what you will get if you ask it. There is a group of people that love to make sure they are right and do just about anything to make sure they are seen that way. Even to the point of name calling and total disrespect of the person asking the question. So yes there are many questions I could ask but will not. I feel it may hurt others to see the responses that would come.

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Sometimes I have vile sounding questions that would disgust all but the most hardened jelly.
When that happens, I just use YarnLady’s account.

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Yes. And the solution is to create a second completely anonymous account to use for posting questions!

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I created an extra account for the raunchy ones.

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@Jude I have to know your other account name. Please!!!

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I’ve refrained from asking certain questions in the past because I know they’d be irresistable bait for certain people who annoy the living fuck out of me, and whose answers inevitably trigger unhealthy levels of rage in me.

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There are a few questions that I don’t ask because a certain MOTHER of mine is here. Usually these are the kinds of questions that would get a noobie trampled so I don’t ask them under another account.

@JilltheTooth: Try to hide from me. I dare ya!

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@KatawaGrey I’ve tried to figure out how having your mom on here works. I always figure if I don’t care for an answer I’ll just ignore it but if it’s mom’s answer that gets a little tricky.

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Well, we have found out some things about each other that I’m sure have surprised us but, we take it in stride. :)

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@KatawaGrey @JilltheTooth That was my chuckle for the day.:)

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@Adirondackwannabe Nah, I want to keep that to myself. :)

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Actually, about a fifth of jellies are me using other names. Ahahahahahahaha!

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@wundayatta : I knew it! You’re omnipresent.

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Yeah, but that’s inevitable.

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@hawaii_jake That’s particularly ironic considering you’re one of the people I am. :)

Parse that, suckers!

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Oh, Lordy, Wundy’s having a goofy grammar day.

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@JilltheTooth There I go again :)

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Do you think anyone would realize that it’s me if I logged in as Karaway or Kinnamon?

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@Kardamom : Nah, but “Sage” would be a dead giveaway. :-)

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@JilltheTooth Ah, but then I could give sage advice har har : )

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Oh gosh…It would depend on who the person was….

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