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How to develop or improve sensory acuity?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) February 9th, 2011

I want to develop and improve my sensory acuity?
What should I do? Is there any exercises I have to do? How to practice them to develop it without anyone knowing what I am doing.
Any video links, books for this?
I think it will make me more perceptive and help me make better understanding with people,right? :)

Is it related to cold reading?
Is good sensory acuity necessary for cold reading?

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Don’t read, feel. Meditate and iwould also do gentle Yoga. Just practice and be aware that you do have this ability to feel what other people feel.

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It is inherent to us all but as with muscles you have to exercise it. Meditation is really a great way to do so as is Yoga which Cruiser already explained. With both of these processes you can alter your Brain Wave pattern and learn more than you might think. Good Luck

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The reason meditation is such an effective tool is that it removes the ego, the sense of “I.” Our subconscious is an extremely powerful pattern recognition machine. There’s a psych experiment, for example, where they gave two groups a stack of weather maps; one group they taught the rudiments of meteorology and had them work out what the weather was the next day, while a second group was simply told to look at the maps and guess. The second group was significantly more accurate than the first. The machinery of the subconscious mind is tremendously better at detecting patterns that your conscious mind.

If you want to improve your sensory perception, then, the secret is to stop thinking. Allow your unconscious to absorb the details and then use your intuition to guess. There’s a phenomenon called blindsight in which people who are completely blind are able nonetheless to accurately “guess” what objects are being held in front of their eyes because even though they can’t consciously perceive it, their unconscious is still seeing and processing information. You, too, can benefit from this same phenomenon — and with all the senses.

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Your profile doesn’t say where you live, but if you are in the Bay Area, you should visit the Exploratorium’s Tactile Dome in San Francisco. Make sure you call for reservations in advance. This is exactly what you are looking for.

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I think you could train yourself to do it by trying this technique. Go outside, or in the bedroom, or in the garage or any place you can think of. Stay still, but keep your eyes opened. Stay there for about 10 minutes. Then go back in the house and write down everything that you can remember that you saw, heard, smelled and thought about while you were there. I would think that if you did this every day and changed up the places, you would be come more attuned to your senses. Then you would start becoming more aware of all of those things even when you aren’t puposely sitting still in a specific place. After you got used to paying more attention, then every where you go, you will notice way more things.

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This has been my experience. Every day go to your place and get comfortable. Concentrate on one thing like your breathing. Stop all activity except your breathing. Begin to think of being where it is that is your best place that you ever have been too. Mine is up on top of the local mountains and picture yourself there. Then allow what happens to happen. Like what kardamom says write down your experience. I remember that there was a buzzing that took place when I changed my Brain Wave patterns. This buzzing is your vibration of life and as it changes take notice of everything going on. It takes some practice but in time you will experience things that men dream of. Good Luck

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@Cruiser @Summum @SmashTheState which meditation should I do and how?
And how will meditation help me pick-up the sub-conscious signals that people continuously send out?
@Summum what kind of buzzing?

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The buzzing is a Universal vibration that all life has and when your brain wave patterns alter you feel it. It is almost a ringing in your ears. Before doing your meditation have a goal in mind and work towards that goal.

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@Summum I have that ringing in my ears.Maybe they call it Tinnitus? It is a strange buzzing sound like the sound that we feel after hearing a very loud noise or blast.It become more prominent when I sit still or calm but otherwise is always there in my ears now.
But how to meditate? Is it just tuning into breathing?

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There are many different ways to meditate. I use CD’s that have sounds that help adjust your brain wave pattern. The frequency in one ear is different than the other and when you use headphones the brain adjusts both sides of the brain to match the frequencies. This causes your brain wave pattern to change from Delta/Theta to Alpha or even Delta. When you are in the Alpha or Delta range you are accessing the subconscious.

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@gamefu91 IMO you need to feel your own vibrations before you can begin to feel others energy. I would do seated mediation with a medium to large candle on the floor in front of you. Put the candle say 2 feet from you and look at it with a soft gaze. Do belly breathing and simply relax and let go of all thoughts and feelings. Keep your gaze on the flame and just watch the flame and see what you see. See if you can notice the most minute detail of the flame and while doing that, see if you can feel the warmth of the flame. Feeling the warmth of a flame 2 feet from you is a beginning in being able to feel energy. As you do your meditations, move the flame further away and even if the candle is 6 feet away you should be able to feel the heat of the flame. This type of meditative practice will heighten your awareness of your sensitivities to energy and your ability to sense even the most subtle forms of energy.

I can feel peoples energy and I didn’t know I could until I practiced working my Chi and meditating. I have no easy answer other than it takes practice and acceptance that you can feel this life force energy that is all around us. Once you do, you should be able to feel energy even in inanimate objects as well.

Some people write this off as wooo wooo bunk but for me it is quite powerful and wonderful.

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