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What do you wear on your head in the winter?

Asked by Seelix (14905points) February 9th, 2011

Do you wear a hat/toque/whateveryouYankeescallem (If you have another term for a winter hat, let me know!)? Earmuffs? Headband thing? Do you let your little ears freeze in order to keep your coiffure lookin’ hawt?

My coat has a hood lined with (faux) fur, so I don’t wear anything on my head. I just pull up the hood if I get cold. What about you?

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I don’t wear anything on my head. It’s rare that I wear a coat.

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Hoodie sweatshirt.

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Toque ;-)

No, really, a cute toque.

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I’ve become fond of beanies, so I alternate between two; one named Simon, and the other named Balthazar.

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I have a rabbit fur hat I wear when it is freezing out,sheepskin hat when it is pretty cold out,a wool cap when it is chilly,a Marine Corp cover when my hair is insane and a face mask when it is bone chillingly cold out.

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We often call a toque a “watch cap”, at least for a particular style of toque (“watch cap” is pretty well defined; “toque” seems to be all over the map). But I only wear that in really awful conditions, or when I’m shoveling snow from the driveway.

Usually I just wear hair, a bit more than in the summer.

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Same thing I wear in the summer: the black military cap you see in my avatar, covered in buttons and patches (ranging from a classic circle-A patch to “ARM THE HOMELESS” and “BAD COP, NO DONUT” buttons).

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Nothing, though I probably should wear something. I just end up swathing(?) one of my cashmere scarves around my face and ears if it’s really cold.

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Just a plain wooly hat.

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If I’m shoveling or going to be out side for a while I wear a Mad bomber:
If it’s not too cold I might just wear a headband over my ears.
If I’m just running to the car, usually nothing on my head.

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I wear a wool hat.

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It doesn’t snow where I live, so I almost never wear a hat. When I purposely go on a trip to the mountains where there is going to be snow, I have this cute soft headband like thing that is much more comfortable than a hat. Hats tend to make my head itch so I hate to wear them. Although I love the look of those Alpine style snow hats that have the long dangly things on the ends like this

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If I must put something on my head, it’s the hood of my coat. I don’t like hats, except the occasional baseball hat.

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Some sort of knitted hat, usually. Sometimes earmuffs, but mine broke last weekend so no more earmuffs…they’re annoying anyhow. Sometimes a hood if its cold enough or if it’s windy.

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A felt cowboy hat.

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a beanie

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It’s a fleece headband thingy that just covers my ears.

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A beanie if it’s cold enough for it. Doesn’t usually get all that cold in the winter in the Bay Area.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – I wish I could give more than one GA for that. The Pooh wreath makes the photo.

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@Seelix, you have my mum to thank for that one.

In all seriousness, this is my actual winter garb. The pith helmet was designed as hot weather headgear.

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I HATE wearing anything on my head, so in Winter I have ear muffs.

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I’m with @Symbeline . Stuff on my head makes me mad. I like a good hoodie however.

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Nothing. Ever. Well, except hair.

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An itch-resistant knit cap, its in my pic.

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People in New York City area have gone crazy for the whole urban woodsman look! I’ve never seen so many trapper hats! It’s so funny. It’s like lumberjacks everywhere! And the other big craze is for silly animal face hats. I am not kidding you. Even on adults. For myself I have a favorite hat that is black wool with a visor. You can see it here. I call it my Tevye hat, as in Fiddler on the Roof, but it’s a little girlier because it has a bow. Fun question Seelix!

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@Earthgirl , I know what you mean about the trapper hats! (Although I didn’t know they were called trapper hats). At my work one rainy day, all the male customers at one point had them on. And it’s California here… suddenly it looks like Minnesota or backwoods somewhere.

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Kraigmo Yeah, it’s really funny, right? I love it though. At one bar in Brooklyn called The Bell House they actually had a taxidermy night. Everybody could bring in either something they made, or bought or found that was taxidermy related. And there’s all this fascination with antlers and bones too. I have to know about this shit because I’m in the fashion business.

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@Earthgirl and @Kraigmo That’s so funny about the trapper hats. I haven’t seen those yet, but every teenaged boy in California now wears a ski hat, even when it’s 90 to 100 degrees in the middle of summer. I don’t get it. So I guess out here, everybody looks like they live in Southpark! LOL.

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I wear this hat I got from a art convention… It’s made of SOCKS!!! it’s amazingly awesome!!!!!

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Wilma, your link did not work for me but I got to it eventually. One person’s trapper hat is another’s Mad Bomber, eh?

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Magic5678 That sounds really fun. But did you ever see a sock monkey hat??!!! I have.

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Here’s the sock hat, and look up a video for the demo; it’s awesome:

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I don’t wear anything on my head in the winter

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That pook toque video is hilarious.

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@Earthgirl I think the Mad Bomber was originally worn by pilots in open cockpit planes. Hence the name.
Up north our woodsmen/lumberjacks would wear this kind of hat.
So New Yorkers wear animal hats? we save those for the kids. :-)

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That Pook Toque guy is cute!

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Usually nothing, but, I do like hats. I keep a couple of funky hats in my car for quick errands in my PJ’s. The beauty of country living, run to the local market in your tinkerbell PJ’s with a hat for disguise. lol

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Military surplus knit watch cap. It’s 100% wool, and therefore quite warm.

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Haha, I saw that pook toque guy in person at the art fair and he gave me a dollar off if me and my friend walked around in the hats

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Usually nothing. It doesn’t really get too cold in winter where I live, so I’m lucky.

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