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Ladies, what's the coldest weather in which you went out with bare legs?

Asked by dana_s (10points) January 1st, 2012

what is the absolute coldest weather in which you went out (to a party, shopping, to work, etc) with bare legs (no tights / pantyhose)?
Where did you go? Did you wear a skirt, dress or pants? What kind of shoes did you have on? How cold was it? Will you do it again?

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-20 degrees F. In skivvies. No shoes. For fun. 15 seconds max. No, won’t repeat.

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When I was in Jr High school girls could not wear slacks to school. (back in the olden days 1969) I had to walk to school, every day no matter the weather. It was almost a mile one way. I usually wore knee socks and back then our skirts were quite short. I know that I walked many days when the ambient temperature was at least -10° F, who knows what the wind chill might have been on some days.

I have also gone out to a hot tub in a bathing suit in -0° F temps a few times. Once you get there you’re OK.

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~30F; under the right circumstances, yes.

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It was in the 30’sF in FL, in a short black dress with heels on going out to a dance club.

I have a wedding in January this year in Memphis, and will go with bear legs no matter what the temp, which is very likely to be near the freezing mark. Very long skirt and strappy shoes most likely.

So many fancy dresses are sleeveless (which I find annoying there is not more offered with a short sleeve) and I find it very odd to be strappy on top and also wear pantyhose, especially dark hose.

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I usually don’t (go out with bare legs).

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Bear legs here

He probably doesn’t need to wear tights or socks.

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I’m here to read unexpected responses.
Such a great question I’ve been wanting to ask(:

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-4 degrees celcius. It was snowing, too. I was in a bikini! Yeah!!

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