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What's a good reputable seller of devices capable of jamming digital/cell phones?

Asked by Kraigmo (7816points) February 9th, 2011

I will be traveling to a country soon where phone jamming is allowed by law.

When I’m there, I’d like to go on the internet and order a device that jams the abilities of cell/digital phones and text devices to send or receive their calls.

Then I’d take that jammer, and enjoy movies, restaurants, cafes, and camping sites… without the annoying fake-time chatter of phone users.

So, what’s a good reputable dealer of such jammers?

And one important thing: Anyone can do a Google search. I’m not asking you to Google for me. I’m asking if you KNOW of any reputable websites that deal in such things.

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You don’t need to go abroad. Just find a hamfest and you can find a booth with somebody selling them. A jammer isn’t a difficult thing to make. All you do is broadcast broad spectrum noise on a particular center frequency. If you know how to use a soldering iron, you can download schematics on the Internet.

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I think it safe to say that no American jellies can answer this as that isn’t allowed here. I can tell that you are not going to Europe or Japan though, as they are illegal there. Here in the US, they are also illegal to buy, sell, or own.

You might want to pick one up at your destination and leave it there before you return. If nothing else, I don’t want to see you in the news as a suspected Al Qaeda operative bent on distruption the information infrastructure ;)

BTW, since they are illegal in so many places, finding a reputable dealer may be difficult. It’s kind of like finding a reputable arms smuggler or crack dealer.

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