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My cell phone shut off randomly, what gives?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) December 18th, 2009

I have had the LG enV3 from Verizon for about 3 months now. For the past few weeks it has been shutting off randomly, one or two times per day. The thing is, it only happens when it sits in my pocket during work. I have been sitting it on my desk for the past two days and it has not shut off yet and it never does it on the weekend while it mostly sits on my coffee table.

You’re probably thinking that I’m hitting the Power button on accident while it’s in my pocket. This can’t be, because the outside buttons on the phone are locked unless you press the OK button twice. And I highly doubt that I am accidently pressing it twice, then holding the Power button until it shuts off. Also, I have never felt it vibrate when it shuts down. I feel every vibrate of text messages and phone calls, but I won’t know it shut off until I happen to look at my phone and realize it’s been off for a couple hours.

This is a weird situation, but what could possibly be going on? I’ve been thinking about calling Verizon. What do you think they could accomplish for me in regards to this situation?

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If your phone is still under warranty, swap it out. i had a flipphone with the same problem. something to do with part of the circultry on the inside. it will drive you crazy. swap it out for another one.

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The battery is dying.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself. ;)

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Perhaps it is the battery, as already suggsted.

The best thing to do is to take it to a store that deals in your brand or are a vendor of your cell supplier and have them lok at it…. then you’ll know for sure .

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@UScitizen But it’s only 3 months old and when I turn it back on there is still a few bars left.

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@HighShaman Thanks, that’s a good idea instead of dealing with it over the phone with Verizon.

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I have a Sony phone and that does the same! It’s soo annoying I don;t know why thought I’m afraid sorry!!

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Turn off the phone and remove the battery case. In there there should be a small sticker that will either be white or pink or red. If it’s white, your phone is fine. If it’s pink or red, it has water damage. Mine has water damage, and it turns on and off randomly, especially if I drop it.

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several things can do this a weak or intermittent battery, poor ribbon cable contacts as well – but if it only happens in your shirt pocket then static electricity is my first thought – try keeping in a pants pocket & see if it still acts up. My sony erricson does this as well but mostly when I wear a cotton shirt on dry/cold days.
Some phones will have this issue, only cure is different style phone – touchpads make the problem worse

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Faulty Battery
Maybe water went inside your cell
if your phone is a smartphone, virus?

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I’ve had this happen to my phone if I’m in a poor reception area. Does it happen only in your pocket, or do you also have the problem when you put it in a bag or other enclosed space?

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This happens to me all the time and I have the LG Vu…I’m thinking my phone may have a short though….

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Loose battery? I had this prob. in my Palm Pre. Fixed it with a piece of paper towel stuffed in the gap.

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