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What's the difference between a good high and a bad high?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) February 10th, 2011

What do I mean by this? I’m not sure. Partly it’s about being high and whether that, in itself, is a bad thing even if it feels good. Partly it’s about what being high means to different people.

But it seems to me that some highs become addictions and others don’t. So maybe this is about addiction. What’s the difference between an addictive high and a healthy high, if such a thing as a healthy high exists.

Do you have or have you had different highs in your life? What did they feel like? Do healthy highs feel different from unhealthy ones? Is there even a difference?

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If you think it might not be healthy, it isn’t.

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No pills, no powders, if it grows from the ground amd isn’t messed with like coca leaves its probably okay.

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Many things can give you a “high” and can be healthy, like sex, or running, or great food….at the same time, those things in excess can lead to addiction. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

As far as drugs that you physically take people may have different reactions because of physiological or psychological reasons. I agree that if you are freaked out about a drug it would be a bad idea to try it because even the thoughts about it could cause a negative reaction. (I am thinking about pot, in particular. Someone who has a preconceived notion that it will make them see things or they buy into the anti-drug hype may get overly paranoid and anxious if they smoke it).

I do have to disagree with @buster though, sadly. I am an advocate of de-criminalizing marijuana however there are some fools who end up killing themselves by trying to get high off of random plants. That would be a bad high Not all things natural are harmless….

@wundayatta I like your idea about being high in itself could be considered bad and will have to chew on that awhile…. I think it really just depends on the perspective of the person partaking in the substance/activity. Escapism can lead to long term negative coping habits and can also jeopardize critical relationships. But sometimes escapism can keep someone relatively sane in stressful situations.

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A dead prostitute in the trunk.

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Being high on life is a healthy natural high and being high on drugs , abusive relationships and stealing would be considered a bad unhealthy high .

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My friend gets wicked paranoid when she’s high. I’ve never experienced that, so I guess my highs are better than hers? Although last night after a puff or two I was convinced this file my friend was trying to send me online was a virus.

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Man, what’s with all the questions about pot today?
A good high is when you’re relaxed, de-stressing, enjoying the various sensual delights the human body has to offer, at peace.
A bad high is when you can’t tell if someone was joking or not, but the paranoia that one of your friends is actually a serial killer is starting to set in, and you can’t figure out how to nonchalantly bring an ax into the room for protection without raising suspicion, or even where you put your ax since you moved….

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Good high- Love
Bad high-Fear mixed with anxiety.

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Bad High (true story) – My friend and his friend were doing acid(or shrooms I can’t remember) anyway, friend #1 envisions friend 2 as satan, and proceeds to come at him with a kitchen knife.

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