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Can you recommend some methods to successfully delete your Facebook account?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) February 12th, 2011

Even though I enjoy using this site for keeping in touch with old friends – the fact is, I don’t really ‘talk’ to any of them. It is more just being aware of what they are doing.

In all honesty, Facebook has only caused me to have problems in multiple relationships, as well as just being annoyed by the overload of other peoples problems which really don’t concern me, and which I really don’t want to know! Also, some things about myself or where I am I really do not need broadcasted. I especially would hate for someone important to begin flipping through the multitude of tagged photos out there of me, or even untagged ones.

I have significantly deleted a lot of ‘friends’ – those who I never speak to, or who were just merely acquaintances. However, the people that I actually speak with, I do not really use Facebook. It is either text message or phone calls.

Anyway, I have ‘deactivated’ my account multiple times. Unfortunately, all you have to do is log on and it reactivates it. Not really a solution. I usually just go through it when I am bored, procrastinating, or being nosy. None of those things in my opinion are healthy! If I am bored I should be finding more productive ways to stimulate my brain, rather than reading about everyone’s and their brother’s problems.

So, what I would really like to know is how you can successfully get rid of it. How can I delete it, without being able to easily get right back on board?

As they say, ignorance is bliss – and most of these things, aren’t necessary to know; or I would rather be allowed to not know!

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Start by taking all your photos off your page. Delete all the notes and apps. Move all of your friends onto lists where you don’t see their activities or posts. Make sure the settings are such that you will not get any e-mail notifications from FB. THEN deactivate your account. There will be nothing visible to come back to.

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I agree with GTL222 and BarnacleBill , though I understand it takes a week or so for Facebook to delete your account and also , your never completely off of Facebook .

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The link that @heresjohnny gives you a way to delete you account. If you do that, you will not be able to reactivate it. If you want to get to that on your own from your page, you go to ‘Account’, then ‘Help Center’. Type in ‘delete account’ in the search bar. Click on the first result. In the first paragraph on that result, it talks about deactivating your account, but at the end of the second paragraph, it gives you a link to actually delete you account (the one @heresjohnny gave you in the first post).

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Thanks for the answers. I will check some of this out. As for deactivating, that is easy enough, but it is too easy to log back onto it. That is the problem. I just want to get rid of it, so even if I want to I am unable to get back.

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I just used @anartist & @heresjohnny ‘s link for the facebook deletion form. That was quick and painless. Thanks!

although I like facebook.. if anyone wants to talk to me that badly, thats what the telephone is for… or God forbid we write some actual letters!

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Facebook has caused many people to lose the ones they love.

Facebook is loaded with viruses and some are very hard to kill.

Each time my wife talks to our children, in Seattle, I have to run a complete virus scan.

Facebook is taboo.

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