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If you could dream up another person in your life, who would they be?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) February 13th, 2011

This is not about a mate. You’re on your own there.

But if you could have someone fill a role in your life for a long, long time, what role would you want them to fill?

For example, it could be someone you could confide in. Or someone to tell you all the good things about yourself when you’re feeling down. It could be someone who would say “Yes!” whenever you needed a buddy to go on an adventure with. Maybe it’s someone to tell you to suck it up when you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

What is the best thing you could have in a new and continuing acquaintance?

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I would love a writing and TV/filmmaking mentor, someone who knows the ropes better than myself and would hold me accountable for what I need to do next, with whom I could discuss whether or not something I’m writing works, and who would help me in following through on networking and actually filming my scripts.

Right now, I feel like I’m flailing, and no amount of the “fake it ‘til you make it” philosophy is helping. There has to be at least some easier methods of getting to where I need to go.

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I would love a friend with a bar or coffee shop who would want me to come and make soup for them, man the counter, talk to customers.

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Someone to motivate and help me become a better person. Just with everyday things and becoming the great musician I want to be in the long run. :)

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I would love to have a twin sister.

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My sister and I were actually talking about something similar to this not too long ago. We both wish I had a twin brother. His name would be Kyle, because that’s what my parents were going to name me if I had been a boy.

My sister loves the idea of Kyle being her big brother and protecting her. I love the idea of having someone right there next to me, hopefully stronger than me.
My sister and I are close in a kind of different way. We love to be with each other, but we don’t really talk or hug or anything. I think we both feel like having a brother would have made us closer, all three of us, siblings.

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I could use a really good girlfriend. I have lots friends and people to do stuff with, but I’m missing a lounge in PJs and watch girl movies/go shoe shopping/fart in front of friend in this state. My bestest is 1200 miles away, and the distance is rough.

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I have no idea why, but since a young age and even now, I really REALLY want an older brother, to support me, motivate me, tell me to ignore what mum and dad said,that they didn’t mean it, to play football with me, to teach me some neat tricks in basketball. Someone to look up to. I’D REALLY like that….: )

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I’d dream my Grandpa back.

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I would like to have a devoted maid that dedicated her life to making me comfortable.

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Samantha Fox who could cook like Anthony Bourdain! WOOF!

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