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I want them to remember that I was the first person to live past 200 years. :)

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My love of pillows and zombies.
I’d rather people forget about that time I drank a bunch of urine.

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I want to be remembered as a go-getter. Someone who put their mind to something and went and got it no matter the circumstances. I want my personality to be remembered and loved for ages, because I work so hard on trying to be the best person I can be. I wouldn’t expect for people to forget my mistakes but I do hope I get forgiven.

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I hope they remember that I told them to fuggetaboudit.

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That I tried my best and did it as Frank said…my way. As to what I want them to forget, hmm, I feel a bit surprised myself that I’m unable to think of one at this stage. Maybe tomorrow.

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Some say this is weird (but then again, what isn’t) but I wish that everything was just erased, no memories of me, no trace of me, I just want to be forgotten by all.

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I like the idea of them remembering their positive memories with me.

I like the idea of them forgetting any hurt I may have caused. I don’t like people hurting because of me. It would be nice if they would use that hurt to better their lives instead of living in pain.

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I just want them to remember I loved them and I was always proud of them.

I would prefer they forget my bad temper.

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I’d like to be remembered for being a creative and friendly person who tried to see the best in others and I’d like my work to be appreciated. I’d prefer they forget how scatterbrained I could get.

Then I’d like them to have a big wake and have a pint!

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At my increasing age I notice that by a couple of years after you are gone, not many people remember you at all!!! And that is pretty much okay with me, I have done good things and bad things in my life but really nothing that has made me particularly memorable to anyone, hehehe!

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I would want to be remembered as a person who marched to the beat of their own drummer, but who always had good intentions regardless. What I wouldn’t want to be remembered for? Maybe my temper at times.

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What I’ve done. Whether it be good or bad (hopefully good) I want to make an impression. I want to make a difference. I want to contribute to something big, something huge!

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From “Pippin”
I want my life to be… something more than long…

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That I loved God.
That I loved my wife, my children, and my grandchildren.
That I loved my brothers and sisters on this planet.
That I helped where it was possible for me to help.
That I served with honor and distinction.
That I never gave up.

There only thing I would like forgotten is that I couldn’t make my first marriage work.

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That I was funny and made them laugh.

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That I came, I saw, and then took a nap.

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In addition to my earlier answer – that I was a bit of a nut who wasn’t afraid to show my silly side.

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In addition to my earlier answer—that I never gave up on life and always believed something good would come sooner or later.

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To remember that life lessons are hard on everyone and that I learned that understanding comes through these life lessons.
Wisdom is earned, through trial and error.
That in the end everyone has a need to be understood.
That on my tombstone be placed” I understand”.

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Several years ago, I wrote my obituary for a workshop. The last few lines put it in a nutshell.

“Life for him was a series of Grand Adventures…. He loved humanity so much that he would do for others at the his own expense, and sometimes, at the expense of those closest to him. His hope was to make the world the tiniest bit better for each person he meets every day. His dream was to pass on at least some of the wonderful things his parents passed on to him. He knew that when this life comes to a close, he will be passing on to yet another grand adventure.”

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I want them to remember me as one of the kindest people they ever met.

I want them to forget the stupid mistakes I made, the embarrassing things I did or any insult I may have thrown their way.

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I want people to remember that I did the best I could, that I did try to learn from my mistakes, and that finally David Bowie and I will be reunited!

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I don’t care, I won’t know the difference. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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That I used the time God gave me to bring joy and love to others and
that I truly loved my Lord and will spend eternity with Him.

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I loved animals with all my heart. I never ate them or wore them and tried very hard to convince people that animals are sentient beings with the same emotions as humans. They have the ability to love, feel pain, compassion. This has been proven by science. Because they are sentient beings, they should be treated with kindness and compassion. Set them FREE in nature reserves. (of course different nature reserves for the carnivores)

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