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Flash plug-in crashes often on Firefox?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) February 15th, 2011

By often, I mean at least once every day my Adobe Flash plug-in will crash. I have to run some important programs using Flash, so how do I get it to stop crashing?

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What version of Firefox do you have?

Do you have a link to any of the flashes that you’re trying to play?

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I had the same problem too from playing too many flash games. I switched to Google Chrome and have hardly had any crashes since, but if you want to stick with Firefox, maybe try updating to the latest version if you haven’t. Uninstalling Adobe Flash and reinstalling could help.

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For me, Flash folded nearly every day – several times a day, in fact – on Firefox. And Firefox takes forever to load, too, which is the main reason why I don’t even use Firefox any more. Flash still crashes on Chrome, too, but not as often (though it seems to suck up memory like nothing else). At least Chrome starts more quickly.

I think the problem is more with Flash itself than with the browser. Maybe one of these days they’ll get it right.

For now, I try not to complain too much: it’s free, I didn’t have to develop it myself, and when it works I love it. I’m not going to bitch about it any more… right at the moment, anyway. Maybe next time it crashes or freezes my system.

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This happens to me fairly often with Flash games. My kid likes to play the ones on the Nickelodeon website. I don’t know the cause. Flash is fucked up. Time the Web got rid of it, but there have already been way too many apps written in it to go away.

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If you have several or many Firefox connections open, then you might be using more RAM than your computer has available.

I have two open and I’m using 240+ MB of RAM.

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I’m using Firefox 4 beta 11 and it is the most stable Firefox for ages. Go get it, or wait for the official Firefox 4, it can’t be long to go now.

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FF4 boots a lot more quickly too.

I think part of the problem, particularly with games, is that the producers are often inexperienced or just plain lazy and don’t clean their code up properly. A look at a well-coded flash site like the BBC iPlayer demonstrates that Flash need not necessarily lead to system lockups of Firefox crashes.

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