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Does anyone know some good HTML code?

Asked by stupidcomedycenter (294points) February 16th, 2011

I am looking for some really cool codes for my blog ( and if you could help it would be great. it just cant have any JavaScript or Java coding.

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HTML code for what? If you’re looking for elements to add to your site without having a reason beforehand, you probably shouldn’t be adding them. Although, there are some site necessities you might need.

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<blink>Hell Yeah!</blink>

A timeless example.

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@FutureMemory – the <b> tag is being deprecated in favor of <strong> and @funkdaddy – I hope you are joking! No one likes blinking text!

Blogs like Wordpress have an amazing library of plugins available to easily install. I don’t know what platform yours runs on, but I would recommend checking for plugins, which may add functionality you need without having to muddle through HTML.

Javascript and Java are two ENTIRELY different things! Almost every site now out there utilizes some sort of javascript. You may miss out on a lot of great features without it.

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<marquee> </marquee> :)

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