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Is there a script that can get rid of all slideshows on the internet?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) October 27th, 2010

I hate slideshows on blogs. They make interesting articles a pain in the ass to click through. Is there a greasemonkey script or something that I can install on Firefox that would cancel out all slideshows, providing me with that nice “view on one page” option?

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, here’s an example.

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The subscribe to newsletter popup was too annoying to even stick around for the slide show. I wouldn’t want to disable them all, but being able to stop the show when they distract the eye from reading would be great. It’s too late tonight, but I will check tomorrow for such a tool.

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I was able to click through the articles without any annoyances.
By slide show are you referring to the image to the left of each item?

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@Brian1946 No, I mean how you have to click through to each part of the article. I want to read it like this:
1) xxx
2) xxx
3) xxx

Not like this:
1) xxx
Click to go to the next page

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Safari 5 has a Reader function which formats blogs and web pages in a book-like layout. It also loads multiple pages of a single article and displays it as one scrollable page.

You use Firefox, but Safari’s new feature might have inspired someone to make a Greasemonkey script or plugin for other browsers. Sorry, I don’t know of any, but could try searching for a Safari Reader clone.

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@papayalily If it is paginated server side, then you have to click to page after page. The content isn’t fetched from the server till you askl for it. If the pagination is client side using JavaScript, then disabling JavaScript MAY kill the pagination, but if they use CSS as part of the paginination strategy, you’d have to load it with a user style sheet as well. I don’t know of anything you can run as a helper app. that will kill JS/CSS pagination.

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@ETpro And if I wasn’t a programer that would translate to SOL?

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@papayalily Ha! Sorry for speaking gibberish. As I click the Next button to go from page to page, what is in the address bar up above the page changes. So it looks very much like this is being broken into individual pages on the server, and there is no way short of saving all the pages to your hard drive, then merging them in an HTML editor, to read this as a single page. It would be like trying to turn a boook into a scroll.

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@ETpro You’d need a lot of glue?

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@papayalily Ha! And way more patience than I have.

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