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What lie have you told recently?

Asked by seazen (6123points) February 17th, 2011

And why?

How does that make you feel?

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‘Bless me Father for I have sinned,
. ...... has been 20 years since my last confession lol

Anyway, I only tell little lies every once and awhile when they are convenient (in other words keeps me from engaging in further conversation). Generally I do not lie.

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None. I don’t have to and it feels damn gooood:).

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I lied in order to not bludgeon someone with a small unnecessary truth.

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I pretended I wasn’t upset by something I found out about yesterday, even though I was crying inside. A few minutes later I ended up crying on the outside anyway. Tried to save face, but it didn’t work.

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Oh when I tried in vain to squeeze my arse into one of the wife’s little black dresses. Convinced myself it looked simply divine on me. I’m living one big fat lie right there.

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That I’m doing okay.

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I told a friend that I couldn’t go to a concert with him because I was working. The truth is I just didn’t want to see the band and regretted purchasing the ticket. I played Magic with my boyfriend instead.

I felt bad about lying to him but I did not feel bad about missing the concert.

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I lied when I said “I’m lying.”

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Awww Seelix… hugs. Hope you feel better now.

On the lie question, I don’t think I have. I can’t remember one anyway.

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I lied when I told the neighbor I enjoyed the banana nut muffins she sent over. Fact of the matter is, I felt like I was going to chip a tooth.

How do I feel? Meh. She seemed ok with the response and I didn’t hurt her feelings.

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I don’t tell lies.


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I told my mother I was moving to another state and was going to get married. I am moving to be in the same city as my fella, but we are not getting married. My mother is old and would drive me nuts. She can accept it this way.

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“It doesn’t bother me.”

I’m a pretty truthful person, as a rule, and I reject the idea that everybody lies all the time just to make their lives easier. I don’t. But some fibs do slip by me now and then, and this is a typical example.

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I told a friend of mine I’m fine to wake up early in the morning before work to meet her for breakfast. The truth is lately it’s very hard for me to get up and get going, I’m coming off a cycle of insomnia and my body is trying to catch up, rest up, heal up. I’m still going to breakfast though :)

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I told my boyfriend that I didn’t get my car MOT’d at a certain garage that he hates. I did. It was convenient. I didn’t feel bad about it.

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