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Themed supermarket/outlet stores: good idea or excellent idea not?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) February 21st, 2011

I work a boring job. In retail. And sometimes I get to wondering (in my boredom, which is considerable) if it might be more interesting, or more appealing to the clientèle, or in any other way worthwhile, for us to pick a theme and seriously apply it.
Preferably a theme that lets us have pikes. You can tolerate a lot if you have a good pike handy.

Think RenFaire-Mart. Or Ninja-Mart. That sort of thing.

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How about a spit roast ( not the sex act! ) in the theme of a castle feast, restaurant type thingy inside the supermarket! :-/
A huge pig roasting over an open fire & being carved up for meals, eat in eat out served on a pike, or smaller version :-/
Should draw them in, the smell if nothing else…............

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That would be so fun! But, the novelty would wear off, I’m sure. Maybe it would be a viable business in a very touristy location, though.

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That works for sporting events. Our local baseball team has stuff like basketball night, sci-fi night, Mascot Birthday party night. Something like that at pretty much every game. I’m really not sure if I want to see my average grocery store worker in some sort of a gladiator outit, though. What do you do that’s so boring? if I may ask.

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@12Oaks Meat Department. Though I’ve asked around, and everything outside of actually pitching products is one kind of tedium or another. Those poor guys in Center Section spend their day re-folding the clothes that others have unfolded and left out.

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Well, I always thought that Hooters should expand to having two restaurants with a parking lot in between.
One for the Men and the other for the Women.
They will be called, Hooters & Peckers.

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They have tried to theme out a lot of things lately. Restaurants (Medieval Times, and Rain Forest Cafe) Bowling alleys (Lucky Strike, Disco Bowl) and Miniature Golf (Monster Golf, and Pirates Cove). I think if someone came up with a great theme (see @BarnacleBill‘s reply) like this one them it would definitely work.

@Nullo ask yourself this, would you want to wear the Uniform (costume) if the theme were something weired, off-center, or hard to work in?

@BarnacleBill I have seen this place many times on the food network (Super Supermarkets), Modern Marvels (The Supermarket), and the travel channel Food service Mustang sees) I am a quasi- foodie who is interested in odd ball types of foodstuffs, refreshment, and sustenance,, and that place is insane. Have you been? I live in MA and have always thought that would be a great place to go on vacation. Unfortunately my wife disagrees. LOL

@blueiiznh I think that’s a good idea…Just wondering would they only serve meat on the bone?

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@sonataking05, as a matter of fact, I’m going to Jungle Jim’s tomorrow. It’s not far from where I live. I usually go there and IKEA on the same trip; I like eating at IKEA’s cafeteria. Their gravalax is awesome! Not too far from Jungle Jim’s is Dorothy Lane Market. Well, it’s in Dayton, but that’s not too far. While not “themed” it’s a wonderful shopping experience.

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