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Internships in Syria?

Asked by steve22 (55points) July 14th, 2010

I’m attempting to find an internship in Damascus, Syria. Does anyone know of a good place to look for them? Specific companies, organizations, or websites to look at would be preferred.

Many thanks.

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Well, my thought is that if you havn’t already used the internet to google travel and what is available via that, well than I am thinking maybe you could go to your local University and talk with any Professor that may have any connection with the subject at hand. Good Luck and keep me abreast on your findings.

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This might be a long shot, but you can try the State Department, and see what the opportunities for internships in the Embassy (they have one in Damascus) are. If they don’t have anything specifically at the Embassy, I’d check to see what kind of study-abroad or internship-placement programs they may have for US citizens there – usually the Consular or Political departments have plenty of contacts to help you with. Good luck!

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I know this is a stretch, and there must be similar organizations in the States, but you could call these guys in Canada and ask them whether they have any ideas for you on where to look, or sister organizations in the US. It may be that they can’t advise you officially, but the personal knowledge of the people who work there or a manager might point you in the right direction.

They’ve always advertised through universities so far as I know, but I think you don’t 100% need to be a student to volunteer or travel with them, and I believe they have been known to help recent grads too. Good luck.

You could also try contacting a group like Teachers Without Borders (or Engineers, or Doctors…depends on your field) and ask them for suggestions.

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All great information.

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Not such a great idea, eh?

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Hope you are still alive 11 years later.

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