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What are your preferences in coffee drinking?

Asked by MissA (7396points) February 26th, 2011

I’ve always enjoyed quality coffee, but never really cared for flavored blends. However, I’ve added a blueberry to my repertoire…with my favorite being a rich French roast. I wish that I could consume it plain, but I always add creamer and sweetener. Does that make me a less-than-real coffee drinker?

I’ve been using a one-cup coffee maker for some years. Best thing to come down the pike.

What are your coffee-drinking preferences that you’d like to share?

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Turkish, a little sugar or sweetener.

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lots of milk, lots of sugar and a bit of cinnamon

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Black Drip half medium & half dark roast no cream or sugar.

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I like dark roast Maxwell House coffee. Once a week, when I take my daughter grocery shopping, I let her pick out a packet of the flavored coffee for daddy. She loves doing that, and it gives me a little break in the daily coffee routine. Some are good, so not so much. Still, hot black coffee still reigns supreme.

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I like my coffee like I like my men. Strong, dark and sweet. I used to like it strong, dark and bitter but I’m sooo over that.

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I love the very first cup poured as the pot is still brewing. It’s darker and richer, and just sooooo good. I add cream or a flavoured Coffee Mate creamer, and a little sweetener.

I’m not a gourmet by any means – I get Maxwell House or Folger’s dark roast, depending on what’s on sale. I’d love to have one of those fancy one-cup packet type machines, but it’d be too dang expensive because we drink a lot of coffee.

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I don’t discriminate when it comes to coffee…..all coffee is good coffee….

But my usual is 2x XL cream, sugar (drink, drink, repeat)

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We like a dark roast. Either Starbucks Cafe Verona or Peet’s Major Dickinson’s. My husband drinks it black, but I put cream and artificial sweetener in it.

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@coffeenut – XL double double? Mmmm. Have you won anything yet this year? I won a coffee on my first cup! :)

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@Seelix lol…Two XL 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 (average 8–10 a day) I have won 8 coffees, 6 cookies, and a few muffins and a 100 Tim card

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@coffeenut and @Seelix Would you mind explaining what all that means please?

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@seazen – Sorry! Tim Hortons has a Roll up the Rim promotion every year, and it’s just started.

@coffeenut – Holy Mackerel! I thought I was lucky! I’ve won 3 coffees on 5 cups so far. I’d rather have a Tim Card, though :)

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Black, with a little sugar. Can’t have milk. I will occasionally splurge on a caramel latte (made with soyamilk).

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Iced coffee all year round, including when it’s below freezing. Usually I go for a medium/dark or dark roast, nice and smooth, low acidity. Half and half, but no sugar. Sugar kills the flavor.

New England Coffee is my favorite brand. All the best local coffee shops around here carry it. Most flavored coffees fall flat if you don’t add sugar, but New England is always spot-on with their flavors. Reasonably priced too.

@MissA Is this what you mean by one cup coffee maker? Because that is what I use.

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Strong with a little cream.

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1 teaspoon of cream, 2 sugars.

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Not that I care, but, is no-one lurving anyone anymore? Not even the OP for us answering this question? I’m going to give out a lurve to each of you – but I was just wondering…

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My wife got me hooked on Sumatran. I have found few coffees that are smooth enough to drink black, so I often brew it a bit strong so that it doesn’t get diluted by whatever dairy product I add. As for which dairy product, I prefer cream, though I will settle for half-and-half. (I like my milkfat, and think 2% on coffee is barely better than water and anything less is water)

Whether I add sugar or not depends on the first sip. Normally I don’t, but some coffees are bad enough that you need a bit of sweetness to distract you from the fact that you just poured a cup of liquid fertilizer.

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Earl Grey leaves, brewed the old-fashioned way, a drop of skim milk.

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At home I’ll drink coffee as an excuse to add some Kahlua or coffee liquor. At Mom’s I like at little half&half and sugar, everywhere else I normally drink in black.

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The only coffee drink I like (so far) is a nonfat, hazelnut latte from Starbucks– because it doesn’t taste that coffee-y.

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@seazen I love Turkish coffee! My granddad gave me one when I was five, maybe that’s my problem. It’s so strong that it goes great with really really sweet things, like baklava.

Black coffee: Sumatra or Kenya AA, not roasted too dark, because then you get all these nice fruity, sweet flavors instead of just the burnt taste of the roast. Add a little milk or soy milk.

Espresso: steam the milk into microfoam (tiny bubbles and a velvety texture, which give the surface of the milk a shimmery, chrome-like texture). Here’s how to do it: keep the steam wand just below the surface of the milk and about half an inch from the edge of the pitcher. This sets the milk spinning which breaks up the bigger bubbles. Slowly, slowly lower the pitcher so that the wand stays just below the surface of the milk. Give it just enough air that that high-pitched steaming sound turns to a low murmur.

Then pull a nice caramel-colored shot with lots of crema. Make it about a 2:1 ratio of milk to espresso. I (think?) this is a flat white, but maybe I’m not using enough milk.

But yeah. Microfoam. The texture is so rich and creamy that you feel like you’re really indulging yourself even if it’s just regular milk. If you heat it to 140 degrees or so (as in, not burn it), the proteins in the milk start to break down and it tastes sweeter. You don’t even need to put any sugar in there.

These are just preferences, though. I have a such a massive need for caffeine that I’ll drink pretty much anything. I’m drinking instant Nescafe with a scoop of ice cream in it right now. I’m still trying to teach myself latte art, but that’s been pretty fail-y so far.

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@hobbitsubculture stole my answer. That could be because she usually makes my coffee.

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I’ll take coffee any way I can get it. I prefer it black most of the time, or with sweetened soy milk.

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@hobbitsubculture…I used a Keurig model. When you consider the non-waste, it’s not expensive. Unless you drink cup after cup quickly.

@seazen Sorry…I’ve been away from the computer since right after I asked. Been an exhausting couple of days.

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habituated to espresso. I have a la pavoni lever. I buy stumptown coffee. It’s really good cafe quality coffee.

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Grind my beans, strong with cream and brown sugar. The coffee in the machines at the train stations in Europe is my favourite, though. My Tims is a large double double.

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Black, super strong, bitter, and served on a platter. Just how I like my women too

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roasted and ground to fine powder… just like I like my women as well

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@ragingloli, and stored in a freezer for a while as well?

@cazzie, hey, I actually do like tough black chicks. So technically I’m not copying!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You like tough black chicks? Have you tried marinating them in lemon juice or something?

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@Dutchess_III, nope, but I’ve tried recruiting them from my college women’s kickboxing team.

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I like medium roasted Columbian coffee beans. I drink mine black. Flavored coffees are gross to me. The only other thing I do like is to make a weak cup of coffee and add hot cocoa.

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freshly ground beans, touch of cream, no sugar.

Give me a naked kona anyday.

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@MissA Oftentimes, one will ask a question and have to leave; I meant it in general as many had already posted – yet no-one seemed to be lurving any of the above posters. I was just curious.

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Thanks…just so you know, I’m now up-to-date with my lurve. I’m glad that you look out for your fellow flutherers.

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