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What do you do when your friends brains have been replaced with swiss cheese by aliens?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) January 23rd, 2011

I have 2 friends I met in collage, and 1 I met in university….we usually meet on a somewhat regular basis. Over the past month the conversations we have had that they have initialized Have had a very noticeable drop in quality….

The latest one today is the worst… I have NO interest in the “Man, you wouldn’t believe the hot chick I saw today…I would totally “bang” her…” conversation, So I just got up and left.

I have reason to believe this change is somehow caused by a 4th person brought into the group…I have had limited contact with this person… But the “scent” of drugs is in the air…

I have little issues with users…“to reach your own” But I don’t like to associate with people wile they are “buzzing”...If my friends decide to travel this path….

I’m not sure how to address this…..I may just cut my losses and move on.

Any help would be appreciated…

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Could you ask your friends what’s going on?

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if you previously enjoyed these people, try asking them individually to do things with you, such as going to a movie. Doing things one on one instead of a group can help the friendship but not disrupt “the group”.

When meeting as a group, go prepared with a good reason to leave. That way if it’s not going well your leaving won’t be disruptive.

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People go through phases, and other people are always going to influence behaviors .
If their good mates they should come around sooner or later.
I understand what your saying, sometimes its hard to lower yourself to that level, especially if it involves getting smashed and your not up to it.
Bare with it and see how things travel, hold your own, and like i said they should come round.
And if not… Well hey.. Find some more interesting peeps.

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Find new friends. Or learn to love aliens.

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@coffeenut:Do you mean “To each his own”?

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have a fondue party

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@talljasperman I totally agree, theres no situation that cant be fixed with cheese.

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introduce them to the Stepford wives?

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@gailcalled kinda, a little different in meaning though…

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@hawaii_jake covered it. Or, instead of asking them – tell them you notice a change. Be prepared to say that maybe it’s just you if there’s some defensiveness…but if you haven’t tried to change the situation you don’t really have the information you need to figure out if you should leave the situation.

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I think serious measures are called for. And I don’t mean feet, either. I’m talking Mt. Palomar here. Precision to the nearest angstrom.

Oh dear? What was I saying? Oh yes. Swiss cheese. Love it. Especially Gruyere. And yes, I’m serious. Serious as brain cancer.

Yes. I said brain cancer.

It’s been known to turn people brains into bubble wrap. This, I fear, is what has happened to your friends. And not just any bubble wrap. Alien bubble wrap!

There’s only one known solution. Ok, two. All right, all right. Four. But I’m not going any higher than that. Of the four, I only know one, and I’m really not sure the other three exist, but so I’m told.

It’s the dreams you see. You’re lying there and you hear a noise, and then you see them—big eyes, snarls on their lips—innocent and evil at the same time, and you try to sit up to greet them and you can’t, and then the terror starts because they come closer and closer and, my god,, they reach their hands—all four or five of them—into your head and take out your brain and put it on the table and then they start doing things to it. Things with machines or instruments or maybe even energy particles… and you can feel them liquifying as they put the cancer in….

There is but one answer I know. Ritalin. And never, never, never go asleep again.

Tell your friends. It may not be too late. Sometimes THEY let you have some back. Not completely stripped of intelligence or soul. Sometimes.

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Rule in life… Love up, and play up, certainly always intellectualize up. You can’t carry people through your life on your back. It will make it seem really long. Either help them to come up to your level… or gradually weed yourself off over time so that it is natural and nobody feels slighted or hurt because there is certainly no reason for that. *And I suggest you find new friends too.

Not really advice I would take for myself because someone actually did this to me once and I didn’t like it much to tell you the truth. 14 years over something stupid that wasn’t all that big a deal when the truth was our stations in life were about to shift and I wasn’t country club, Dr.s wife material so I got the boot but that being said, this is what people do now days so.

But most social rules do not apply to me. I love what, and who I love not based only on if I can have a decent conversation with them or not. Let those be the friends that you allow yourself to be goofy with, just don’t let anyone drag you down.

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Can you be more specific about the type of Swiss cheese?


I agree with @talljasperman Initialize a fondue party.

You could also make collages.

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Set up a new Emmental stand.

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Time to meet new friends. Sometimes you just grow out of people – not literally, that would be awkward.
Nothing wrong with stepping up the ladder ;)

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Did the friends vote for Trump?

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