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Can I consider whey protein powder as a body building supplement?

Asked by maleyrose (1points) February 28th, 2011

Can I consider whey protein powder as a body building supplement? if yes than why?

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Yes you can…As we are humans we can consider a lot of things….

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Given some recent threads, it would seem that Nutella is the ideal foodstuff. I am not a nutritionist. I am a fat, middle aged man. So, following historical precedent, you should obey my every statement. No. ignore that last bit

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Lol…ignore my previous answer I misunderstood the Q my brain is currently coffee deprived

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I wouldn’t consider it JUST a bodybuilding supplement, but rather a supplement that is very beneficial and useful for bodybuilding as well as other areas. If you want a list of Whey proteins, you can go to and goto the Protein -> Whey Protein category.

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My five-year-old great-nephew is autistic and a very fussy eater, plus on a special diet. He drinks a little chocolate whey protein supplement as just that…a supplement.

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I don’t know what these roundabout answers are. Whey protein powder is considered a bodybuilding nutritional supplement.

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Of course. We use it, as vegans.

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Yes – just be particular about the amounts. Too much could land you in some dietary problems and too little is likely just a waste.

Also, bare in mind – Whey powders aren’t meal replacements, they’re supplements. Having a protein shake won’t “make you big” if you’re not eating high protein meals to begin with, or skipping meals altogether. They just make it easier to include the protein-intake ideal for body builders.

I would skip anything that doesn’t say “100% whey protein” on the container. Otherwise, you could be buying “special blends” for double (even triple) the cost. They’ll sell those up big time at some GNC’s and other stores.

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Disc2021 is totally right. you can use whey protein powder but you should be aware of the content.You can also more information at It is the good source of whey protein powder.

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Also, I had the pleasure of trying BSN Syntha-6 ( and it is the best tasting protein powder hands down.

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