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How can I keep stink bugs out of my house?

Asked by Taciturnu (6040points) March 1st, 2011

I hate to use the word “infestation,” perhaps more for my sake than anyone else’s, although I only see them periodically, but I’ve got a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug infestation. Do I really need to hire an exterminator? Can I do something to deter them from hanging out in my house? I already have screens on all my windows and my seals are tight, since this house is only 5 yrs old.

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If it has been very cold they may be seeking warmth for survival.
My garage is a haven for cold lizards and tree frogs, they are always in my house.

I’d avoid bringing out the big chemical guns and see if this is a temporary thing brought on by the weather.

It is also possible they are in their breeding cycle. Many birds and other creatures begin their breeding seasons very early in February.

Maybe one female got in and all the males are trying to locate her in your home.
Pheremones are in full swung in spring. lol

It is most likely a random thing and they will move on when the weather warms up.
If you are only finding one here and there I’d just accept the situation and relocate the wanderers to new digs away from the house.

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Thanks @Coloma. Yeah… I do pick them up and throw them outside (although I admit it’s usually out the door near the house since it’s still frigid here). I’m not fond of exterminators, either. I’d say I’m not typically squeamish, but these guys tend to be sneaky. All of a sudden I’ll see one on my arm staring at me. It’s starting to creep me out.

* shudder *

EDIT: Is there a carnivorous plant that is reasonably easy to care for that would eat them?

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When nature invades the indoors. haha
I have found two lizards and a frog in my house this week. Poor lizards, it has been in the low-mid 20’s in the mornings this week, the cats get them while they are in a torpor and bring them in through the cat door and release them. By the time I find them they are all warmed up and in super speed mode. My life of lizard wrangling. lol

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I have to agree with @Coloma. We get stink bugs, houseflies and asian lady beetles every spring. (Not all at once, they come in waves. Joy.) It’s like a full blown bug ambush… but it always goes away naturally and quickly. I would wait it out and see if this is related to the seasons changing.

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@Coloma Well, I’d rather lizards. lol!

@JmacOroni My aunt’s house has a different infestation each week in the summer outside her door. It’s strange to see. I’m glad it’s not me, though!

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@Taciturnu outside is a completely different story. Every summer for exactly one day our entire back patio and the back of our house becomes covered with these crazy little flies? Flying ants? I don’t even know what they are, but they literally cover everything. The next day.. they vanish. It is pretty gross. Definitely not just you… and I keep a very tidy house, so I’m not taking any blame, either.
I do think it wouldn’t hurt to wait it out. Although, I would probably pee in my pants if a stinkbug went crawling up my arm.

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Have you tried diatomaceous earth? It works on a lot of bugs.

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@incendiary_dan No, and actually I’ve never heard of it. Have you used it before? How do you use it?

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I haven’t tried it, but I know a lot of gardeners who use it to keep certain bugs out of their gardens. You basically sprinkle it around the area.

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Ugh. We get stinkbugs so bad! A guy in my area just told me about Talstar Pro that a friend of his raved about on her blog. I haven’t tried it yet, I’m letting him be the guinea pig. ;)

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@incendiary_dan It’s definitely worth a shot. I’ll start looking for a supplier. I guess I would do the perimeter of the house… For some reason, the stink bugs freak me out. Ants and stink bugs, actually. (If the diatomaceous earth keeps away ants, I’d be happy… They get to me worse than the stink bugs- bad experience many years ago!) I’d pick wolf spiders over either any day.

@augustlan If they aren’t gone with warmer weather (Spring here, yet?) and the diatomaceous earth doesn’t work, I’ll definitely give it a shot. Let me know if the guy thought it worked. I don’t like using a lot of chemicals if they aren’t necessary, but if the above doesn’t work, I’m personally deeming it necessary. I’ll cite mental health. :)

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Get a bag of rolling tobacco and soak it in water for a day then squeeze/pour the water off the tobacco in a spray bottle. Nicotine is a very strong organic poison. It works on lots of bugs but is not as toxic as commercial pesticides. One drop of pure nicotine can kill a man.

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Diatomaceous earth was a great suggestion. I never thought of that. I put some around the outside of my house to kill fleas. We have one dog and five cats. There are two types of DE, one is used for pools, which is NOT the one you use. Its been two years since I’ve used it but something like it has lime in it and cuts the insects shell, and the dehydrate. All I know was it worked. I’m going to try it.

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Make sure you get food grade DE and do not in hale it when you sprinkle it around. Don’t get it on your grass becuase it will dehydrate it. Also rub DE in the coats of your animals it will kill ticks and fleas and when they lick themselves they will injest it and it will kill parasites. You can mix 1 tsp into the food of your animals. I take 1 tbspn a day of DE in a small glass of orange juice. Google the benefits of humans taking DE. Gives me tons of energy and my nails are hard as rock.

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