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Can a child develop a "lazy eye" from falling on his head?

Asked by Aster (18947points) March 1st, 2011

If a child with normal eyes falls and cracks his skull on a brick fireplace hearth and develops a lazy eye is it from the fall itself and does it resolve itself with surgery? Or do they not do surgery and the condition is permanent?

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Bottom line is that this is a question for a qualified physician who can physically examine the child to determine exactly what is going on.

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Definitely check with a Dr. Especially check for eye muscle function. I think I damaged something when I was young – one of my eye muscles does not work. One eye cannot look diagonally up and to the left.

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Lazy Eye is not caused by concussion. This is a condition in need of medical attention. I had a childhood friend that had surgery for her eye issue. The surgeries and treatments are easy to understand at the prevent blindness website.

If said child had any neurological issues after a fall on a hearth, and I were the parent or family member, I would seek out the best peds neurologist I could find in my area immediately.

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I am certain that the parents have and will continue to assure the best medical care for such a child. I was only asking because this is Fluther and , well, we ask all kinds of questions on here, medical questions included. at least I thought it was that type of forum.

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@Aster It is that type of forum Here in Fluther we aren’t docs, well, most of us aren’t so when we hear child/injured we say “go see a doc”.

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But do we say, “go see a doc” if it’s a hypothetical question? I wouldnt assume a child who had fallen had been ignored.

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@Aster you posted this question in the “general” section. Not the “social” section.

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How hard did he hit his head? Was there visable injury? Were there any other changes than the “lazy eye?” This could be traumatic brin injury. If this is a real case, take the child to the emergency room as soon as is humanly possible!

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@CaptainHarley it was in another state over a year ago. His head was allegedly “split open.” He appears well in all aspects except for the eye that roams in the wrong direction. I was wondering if the injury could have caused the eye problem. He is in good hands and always has been.

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@Aster The eye may have been “in the wrong direction” already and may be more prevalent as he’s aged.

My advice would be to get him to a good peds optometrist. He should have therapy and surgery as soon as it is possible. This is the type of thing to have fixed young.

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thanks but I am sure he has been to doctors by now! I cannot get him to anyone; he lives 600 miles away with very competent, caring parents . I was just wondering if the injury could have caused this to happen five years ago.

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It’s entirely possible. The brain is a very intricate and delicate organ, which is why we have skulls to protect it. Any sort of trauma could have consequences totally unforseen even by neurologists. A sudden, sharp blow, whatever its source, could indeed cause vision problems.

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