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Where have you found the cheapest textbooks for sale online?

Asked by Carly (4550points) March 1st, 2011

I’m extremely short on cash for next quarter, and I’m hoping most of my teachers are putting their books on hold in the library. But if not! I’m looking to find the best deal on used text books. Sometimes when i try looking for deals they keep getting better and better on different sites, which makes me think that if I kept looking, I’d find even better ones..

What have you found that you thought was the best deal ever?

Also, do you recommend paying for temporary usage of books online? I’m kind of rough with mine since I ride my bike to school, so I don’t know if I’d be able to send it back in good condition.

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When I was at university the student union used to have a used book shop honey and thats always a great place to look. Amazon is a great place for used books and they start from pennies. I recently got a copy of a Boris Johnson book I’d been looking for in hardback for less than £3 and that included postage so I was a very happy bunny :-) I’m not a Tory but I do love Boris. Good luck with College honey,
hugs xx

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I honestly have the best luck on They’re really obnoxious often, though. That said, I’ve even found relatively obscure out of print things I’ve needed for good prices. (My field is psychology.)

Other than that, I have seen that you get good deals overseas. Sometimes there are very slight differences between international and American editions, but usually they still are perfect substitutes. if you know any international students who go back home for the holidays, get them to get books for you.

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@Carly Do you have invisible hand?

It has saved me time & money when shopping online for books and stuff…it can save you a ton on textbooks. It’s free & easy to install.

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I’ve found to be pretty good and cheap.

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@Carly All of the suggestions above are great & invisible hand will show the current price of each book you are looking for at each store

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Amazon. But you can look on Google Books, and click on “find a seller”, and they tell you what places like ebay and Alibris have the lowest price as, so you know if there’s a better deal than Amazon.

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Good way to compare prices:

If I couldn’t find any deals I liked there then I’d use Chegg, but if you’re with your books I’m no sure how renting would work out for you. Still, you might like to consider that.

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@SpatzieLover no, i haven’t, but I’ll check it out, that sounds really interesting!

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That should be: *if you’re rough with your books I’m not sure how renting would work out for you.

Not sure what happened there.

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you rent the books for a small amount and return them in six months and they provide the boxes for shipping!

SpatzieLover's avatar looks pretty awesome @tigerlilly2 I checked it with my invisible hand thingy and it was quite cheap compared to the other sites.

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@SpatzieLover good! I’m glad to have assisted someone (: I love the site, personally.

cheebdragon's avatar is an eBay sister site, I’ve bought books from there a few times and all of them were under $5

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I’ve used Chegg for the last two semesters and it has saved me a ton of money!!! I only buy books that I know I want to keep for future reference.. everything else, I just rent.. if you’re short on cash I highly recommend that you use chegg as you can rent most of your books for less than half of what you would pay if you were to buy them. One time I rented a math book that cost 80 dollars used at the bookstore for only about 28 bucks!! Who ever came up with this site is really looking out for the best interest of the students.

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@kheredia The problem with renting is that you can’t really annotate books, which I do a LOT.

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Well you can scribble on them a bit.. as long as you don’t make any drastic changes to the book they won’t charge you extra or anything.. I’ve gotten rented books with a few scribbles.. it’s no big deal.

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@kheredia A lot of places charge you for scribbles. And I’m not talking a few here and there, I’m talking massive scribbles, underlining, highlighting, dog-earing… when I’m done with a book, it looks used.

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