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How does Fluther generate revenue?

Asked by SuppRatings (460points) March 1st, 2011

Fluther is my now my favorite website after recently discovering it. I am very curious as to how they generate revenue or make a profit with no ads.

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I don’t think it does generate any revenue. That’s why the founders bolted. I could be wrong. Someone should come along any moment to correct me if I am, hopefully.

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We show ads, but only to logged out users.

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And let’s not forget the T-shirts!

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@lillycoyote Fluther is profitable. See @ben‘s answer. :)

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@augustlan See? I said someone would be along any minute to correct if I was wrong and they did come along in a minute and correct me. It’s just that the question was hanging there, for an hour so I decided to answer it. For some reason, and unanswered question finds plenty of answers if the first one is wrong so sometimes I answer just to prime the pump.

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