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Does pornography lead to incontinence?

Asked by markferg (1877points) March 2nd, 2011

Grant Storms seems to think so. What medical advice is he basing this idea on?

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I do it daily, and I have yet to wet my trousers.

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no, but it can cause [temporary] ed

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It makes as much sense as the rest of the stuff that spews out of his mouth.

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This article does not link the two. Grant Storms is a pervert.
There has been much debate on the male and female side of this subject. There is no medical backing and it is all based on silly poll questions.
How ludacris a concept. But then again, pornography is the devil to many people.
So in that logic, it’s the devil that causes in incontinence.

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Lol….That’s Great…..That article just made my day…......

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“What fools these mortals be!”

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Is that why he chose to masturbate in a park watching children, instead of buying a magazine or going on line like most adults?

I think he has oral incontinence.

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I see no reference to incontinence in your link, which describes his masturbating in public.

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@gailcalled Think it might be t he peeing in a bottle reference; an excuse not incontinence.

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I thought it was done for shits & giggles myself…

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Yeah, what a ridiculous excuse. So it was impossible to him to hold his water and drive home to his toilet, eh? Yeah right.

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If this happened in Britain Grant Storms would be put on the sex offenders register.

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@flutherother Ya, well this is America, and all it will get him is a one-shot on Dr. Phil.

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