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What kind of durable wall to wall carpeting should I buy?

Asked by marialisa (464points) March 7th, 2011

I am getting defective carpeting replaced. I have no idea what I should look for and where to buy. What kind of durable wall to wall carpet should I buy?
I need quality and durable carpeting that is reasonably priced. Please exclude Frieze or any shag.

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I would suggest going with a hardwood laminate flooring. They are cheaper to install. I was going to put carpet in my house, but the laminate flooring was half the price. Then you can buy some nice area rugs.

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OK. Where should I buy some nice laminate or hardwood flooring (100% wood)?

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I got mine through my contractor. You could probably install if yourself, it is easy to do. The floor I got was precut and just clicked together. The hardest part was getting the pattern started.

Home Depot or Menards will have some of the laminates and hardwood flooring. They should also have a list of contractors if you want someone else to install it.

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I had a Construction Company install flooring and remodel after an insurance water damage job. They botched everything they did AND they overcharged. They had me chose from substandard and cheap materials and of course my carpetting started to unravel and buckle.
Any other ideas?

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I feel for you. I had to fire my first contractor on my house. He took 2 years and only got half done on a 12 week project. Call around to the lumber yards and building supply companies and see who they would recommend. Maybe call your electrician and plumber and ask them for recommendations.

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100% nylon is tough as nails.

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@Judi @WestRiverrat

Any thoughts on Smartstrand by Mohawk? How about Berber?

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I really like the look of berber but it is a looped carpet fiber, and is easily snagged. A definite NO if you have pets, and maybe even if you don’t. You could try those Empire Today people (for all types of flooring, including carpet), or Lumber Liquidators for hard flooring.

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I don’t know anything about smartstrand, but look at what its made of. There is good Berber and bad Berber.
Just get the highest nylon content you can afford.

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