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What are some good games for teenagers to play at a park?

Asked by JessK (599points) March 7th, 2011

I teach a teenager’s class in church, and the girls and boys (ages 14–15) are going to get together at a park with a lake, volleyball court, field, playground, etc. We were looking for good games that both genders would enjoy, preferably not costing anything (we don’t exactly have the biggest budget!) Also, we are planning on having a picnic. Ideas for anything would be greatly appreciated!

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FOOTBALL!!! ( British version, American version is too rough for girls) : P
Or golf…

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Flag capture is a crowd pleaser.

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Red Rover!

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Frisbee football, soccer, kickball, blind man’s bluff, scavenger hunt, potato spoon race (does cost for a bag of potatoes and the spoons), 3 leg race… that is all I can think of now.

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@BLITsZ It really depends on the kids. My oldest are 14 and 16 and they would still play em… but it would be more for laughs than serious competition.

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Well, all right I’ll take your word for it. But for me, I prefer video games.

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@BLITsZ They grew up in Hawaii where you spend most of your time outside. Of course, indoors, my son prefers video games, but this was for at a park.

BTW I remember playing most of these with my church youth group when I was teenager, as you said this was for a teenage church class.

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Man hunt, Wii is an excellent idea if anyone has one…
Tennis, volleyball…I mean, at that age…they want to be competitive so get creative. Nothing too kiddy or too crazy competitive.

Sorry, side note.
@queenie I am a girl. A rather small one, at that. I play American football. I have been taken to the ground and handled exactly like the guys on the team, and I’m fully capable of getting a man to the ground as well. A lot of MEN can’t handle American football in addition to the women who can’t, and it is offensive that you would single out females. Women’s bodies are designed to handle impact better than men’s. Sorry, I’m not like a crazy feminist but little things sort of set me off.
Seeing as this is a church event, however, it would be wise to play flag football instead of tackle. American flag football is good. Soccer is alright. Maybe (if it’s hot. I live in Florida. NEVER ENDING SUMMER) have water guns (and things to hide behind/crawl under/jump over/etc so it’s kind of like paintball,) water balloons….you know.

I have never been to church so I don’t know what is acceptable and what isn’t haha.

Food? ORDER PIZZA! Crowd pleaser right there. Not SUPER healthy but…eh. Just make sure you get orders from everyone. You know how people are about their pizza.

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I would get a party sub for the food. If you can find enough coffee cans, make kick the can ice cream, with a different flavor in each can.

Frisbee golf is a good game, if you can set up a course.

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Hacky Sack is fun done in groups.

With the age group, I’d suspect they could each be responsible to bring a food item to the picnic (chips, salad, fruit, dessert, etc) and then you provide the meat & rolls or party sub as mentioned above.

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Frisbee is a great crowd-pleaser. First of all, it’s very inexpensive; second, practically anyone can play it regardless of their level of athletic skill; and third, there are no rules or limitations: no one is “out” if they drop it, there are no set number of players, anyone can jump in or drop out of the game at any time, etc. Plus, it’s really fun!

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bocce ball, frisbee, dodgeball, volleyball. any that work a team building a good for your age and group.
waterballon toss contest

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Another food idea is have everyone bring a cup of their favorite fresh vegetable or a can of vegetables. Toss them all in one big soup pot as they come in, with some chicken or veggetable stock as a starter. Keep a knife handy to cut up anything that isn’t bite sized. You get some unique vegetable soup.

We do this with the scouts when we camp, Scout leaders sometimes provide meat instead of veggies. It can be great or ghastly. One year everyone brought corn except one guy that brough lima beans.

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Football (flag, if it makes everyone happier). Volleyball, Frisbee, Capture the Flag, I love the Red Rover idea…haven’t seen that played in a long time! Silly games like an egg race can be really funny, with the right group of kids. Three-legged race. Think silly relay races.

For the picnic, require them to bring their own water bottles (I’m thinking of Scouts), and maybe provide a simple drink – not a bunch of sodas. Put the menu in their hands, this way you know they actually like the foods, make sure there is a sign-up sheet and have everyone bring one or two items to contribute to the picnic.

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Ultimate Frisbee. For. The. Win.

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A plain old game of Tag might be fun, too.

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I second Ultimate Frisbee.

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Obviously volleyball since the net is already there. Horseshoes, whiffle ball and all of the above sound like fun. You could have one time slot during the day for dividing into teams and doing races like the three legged race, wheelbarrow races, blind-folded obstacle course with one person being sighted and the guide and other teamed up races. Have fun!

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Is there a swim area at the lake?

If it isn’t too cold. Divide the kids into teams, grease up a watermelon and toss it in the lake, the team that brings it out of the water gets to eat it.

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YES!! I second TAG!!! especially in a playground area where there are a lot of obstacles etc. It is CRAAZYY FUN!! It will be more interactive than soccer or Capture the Flag (my other two recommendations) as everyone will be running everywhere and will run into everyone! I played TAG when I was 10–12 and when I was 16 in a playground with a coed group…it was amazing.

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Freeze tag, tag, ring-around-a-rose, red rover, dodge ball, tic-tac-toe, and…...etc.

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