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Singing advice for a karaoke lover?

Asked by holli (487points) March 10th, 2011

I L-O-V-E karaoke! I liove watching it and I love singing it. I am terrible and I know that is part of the point but I would like to be better at at least one song. Is this something that I could accomplish in one lesson? Do people DO that sort of work? I’m interetsed in suggestions.

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I suppose you could take lessons and get a critique.
The best advice I personally got regarding my singing was to STFU. XD

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One of the things I did when I was younger and the lead singer of a group was to record myself and listen to how I sounded with the notes. It helped me to change my sound some and it also taught me to hit the notes right on. I love singing and do so even while shopping in the super market, riding in the car, in the shower and just anywhere I go. I get songs stuck in my head. LOL

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I’m also a karaoke fiend. I very rarely have a song in mind before I get there, but when I do, I practice it loudly at home, you know, really belting it out. I think that helps a little bit. But then by the time I’m called up I’m usually over-the-edge drunk and my voice gets all low and raspy and everything sounds horrible.

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@Summum great answer!

@holli Do you know it what way you are terrible? For example, do you manage to hold the tune but get the timing all wrong? Or is your timing fine, but your tune a bit off?

Recording yourself so you hear how well you fit with the piece is a great idea…

If you find that you’re singing flat (ie, not quite reaching the right notes but singing just below them) then try smiling as you sing, and try falling onto the highest notes (imagine you’re about to sing higher than the note and then come down to it, rather than reaching up to it)...

Timing is more a matter of practise and really knowing the song very well…

I would recommend finding a song that doesn’t feel like it strains you to sing it… so it doesn’t go too high or too low for you, and it doesn’t go too fast or have too long notes for you… Then practise it like billy-o!

Good luck!

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Stay away from Moon River, and have fun. My favorite Karaoke is Jambalya

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@harple My timing is fine but I can’t get all the notes and I think I sing much deeper than is necessary. From inside my head it sounds pretty silly. I’ll try your smiling technique and falling on high notes and see what happens – Thank you!

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