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Don't you hate picking a bad wine?

Asked by RareDenver (13168points) March 12th, 2011

You read the label and it espouses the rich aromatic flavours that linger like dust in an old attic, but what you actually get is blackcurrant juice with a dash of meths.

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I do hate a bad wine. Luckily that doesn’t happen very often.

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I take those back for a refund. Never settle for funky wines.

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I’ll pass on the wine, but I will partake in some of that cheese there.

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I absolutely hate bad wine. If I come across a nasty wine, I’ll mix it up with some ginger ale and it’s better than having to endure a horrible drinking experience.

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That’s why I prefer good beer.

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There’s bad wine? ;-)

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@JilltheTooth I think that’s what they refer to as “non-alcoholic” wine. Silly idea.

I generally prefer meads to wines, and I get upset when someone makes dry mead. I mean really, it’s made out of freaking honey, it’s supposed to be sweet.

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not as much as drinking it…

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Yes! Blech. We had one “Trader Job’s” specials last night that smelled like vinegar before we even tasted it- at least we have marinade now.

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If it turned, you need to take it back.
If it just doesn’t taste like what you wanted, ur stuck.

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@filmfann it wasn’t wine that had gone bad, it was just bad wine

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I have a friend that loves buying wine, especially great inexpensive wine. If I find something l like I have no problem sticking with it. Red – Borsao red Spanish table wine, White – Hugo gruner veltliner (great cold). Something with bubbles – Mionetto Prosecco D.o.c. Treviso.

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I hate picking wine, period. I always let someone else to it.

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I live in wine country, there is no bad wine out here. lol

80 wineries and vineyards in about a 35 mile radius….I have my favortites and NEVER buy any wine from a store.

A few years ago traveling in New Mexico I traded some local California wine for some wine at a winery/vineyard outside Taos N.M.

Had so much fun!

My local Orange Muscat for their, to die for, ‘Black beauty’, a delicious Merlot with a chocolate after taste. OMG!

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The best use of bad wine is to drive away poor relations….

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Absolutely. Sometimes when you pay 4€ the wine tastes better than one that costs 10€. It’s best to taste the wine in a store when you are willing to pay more than usual.

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