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What can you eat more of to stretch your food budget dollars?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24361points) April 16th, 2022

Like instant Ramen, and baloney sandwiches? Fruits and vegetables?

What do you eat to balance health and wealth?

Also what foods do you avoid? Like red meat and any liquid other than tap water?

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You could get ground turkey and make spaghetti with it. You could make enough to last a few days and even freeze some and have it latter. Noodles are not expensive.

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Beans and rice, are cheap and give you protein and energy.

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My father said corn and beans will give you all of the benefits of beef.
I LOVE chicken ramen but it is high is sodium.

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Cereal with milk is a great budget stretcher. Eggs, too, as they are so versatile and fairly cheap. Potatoes are the same, for fries, mashed, hashed, etc…

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Beans and rice.

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During my toughest times back i the 80’s, I survived on Potato Soup & Cornbread. Back then, both the potatoes & milk were relatively cheap. I’d make a big pot on Monday & put it in the fridge. I lived on that for about 3 months until I could get things back together. It wasn’t the healthiest diet, but it beat going hungry!!!

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Make stews and portion it into tupperware containers to last a week.

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Red meat is expensive. Chicken is a lot cheaper. Sugary drinks, e.g. soda are calories with little nutrition, and cost a lot.

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Now that the cost of beef & pork have gone sky high, chicken prices have doubled here as well!!!

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I use to know a nutritionist with the US FDA. They once said one can get all the nutrition needed for one day with a potato and a glass of milk.

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This is too easy! Eat more deer! First you have to catch it…

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dear is a lot easier to catch!!!

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@LadyMarissa – having your sweetie for dinner?!

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@RocketGuy No, my sweetie died 15 years ago & I have NO desire to replace him!!!

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