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For any lawyers here, does Charlie Sheen have a legitimate case against Warner Brothers?

Asked by LostInParadise (31983points) March 13th, 2011

I had been ignoring all the celebrity brouhaha surrounding Charlie Sheen until he brought his lawsuit. That caught my attention. I did some Web searching and found statements that merely insulting his show’s producer, Chuck Lorre, is not sufficient grounds for dismissal. I would like to focus on that point. Let’s suppose that Sheen’s personal behavior off the set did not affect his ability to perform on the set.

I would argue in favor of Sheen’s dismissal on two grounds. Firstly, by making unfavorable comments about anything involving his job, he creates a tension with those he works with that can impair everyone’s ability to get the job done. Secondly, publicly making disparaging remarks and acting like a jerk can affect the image maintained by the customers (viewers and advertisers). I can use myself as a case in point. I have watched Two And A Half Men in the past. I would not do so again.

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For enough money, Charlie has a case.

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There’s a legitimate case – we don’t have all of the facts, nor the details of his contract. But considering the public nature of the work, and the egregious nature of his behavior especially how it caused work delays and heavy loss…I think that he’s going to lost (I think he’s too crazy to settle) and dwindle into obscurity….

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he doesn’t need a case…. it’s all rigged entertainment… I doubt that Charlie isn’t acting some of his problems… the world news should focus more on the recent disasters in the world and less on who has what kind of Tiger Blood…and he doesn’t have Adonis DNA any more…. he’s an aging Pretty Boy and he knows it… I like his shows…SssscccQqqqAuuuuB!!!

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My take is different. For me the television show has been converted from a simple mindless break from the world’s problems into gratifying the ego of a conceited man-child. Well guess what, Mr. Tiger Blood. We trolls have ultimate say of what becomes of you. If enough people feel as I do then both you and your lawsuit are history.

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Depends on the contract. He has been doing that show for quite a while. Most people in that position have a clause that pays them even if they get fired.

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Charlie is on a hard road and having watched his actions lately I would say he is addicted to drugs and really is having trouble with it. I only hope that he can gain control of himself and find some peace and happiness. His law suit will be heard and I hope from that he will learn how to better cope with life. Blessings

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Just from listening to the radio hosts (who are simply entertainers) talk about this situation, they (the radio hosts) have said that their own radio contracts have clauses in them about not being able to say disparaging things about their company and not being able to do certain embarrassing things in public that might reflect badly on the company. Charlie Sheen probably had a similar clause in his contract, which would make him not have a case to sue.

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It has always been proven that with the right representation, anything can be accomplished

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Yes, a person’s personal life should have exactly zero affect on his acting or bottom line revenue production.

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There are many contracts that contain something akin to a “morals” or “reputation” clause, Such clauses state that if the employee does something to affect the reputation of the employer in a negative way, the employer can terminate or penalize the employee.

If there is something like that in the Sheen contract, the validity of his claim would be seriously undermined.

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I haven’t been following it either but whenever Charlie Sheen has to go into rehab that shuts down the production of the show and costs the producers money, probably lots of it. They most likely have been patient up until he became more trouble than he’s worth. I just think he’s crossed that line for them. Hollywood is a business that is about making money.

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