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What are your biggest pet peeves?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1213points) March 14th, 2011

What things that people do or say that really get under your skin and make you want to pull your hair out and scream?

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People that are too afraid to tell the truth.

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Tourists, with maps, blocking the entrance to the subway. People proselytizing loudly in public places.

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People who don’t think when they drive.

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You think those are peeves? Listen to mine! LOL.
(those are two of my biggest.)

Also, when a waiter asks “How are we?”

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Oh, @Likeradar, add to that….the waitress drops the food off, asks “Everything look OK?” when you’ve only had a chance to glance at it. Well, about 30 seconds, or a minute into eating it you realize they forgot something….but they don’t bother to check back with you until you’re finished eating, and then only to give you the check.

My peeves are bigger that your peeves!!

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I cannot stand when someone is talking and another person starts talking over whatever the first person was saying. It is very rude.

Don’t stand in my personal space and expect me to be happy or comfortable with you. I will move and if you don’t get the hint, I have been known to say something. I like my space.

I really don’t know what to do or say about this one. It’s the person that passes gas while shopping, say grocery shopping. You know who you are, Mr. Aisle Gas Passing Man. I don’t want to walk through someone’s gas, especially someone that I do not know. Don’t ask why that makes a difference.

Don’t check my daughter out while I’m standing right next to her.

People that flick their cigarettes out of the window, onto the ground. The world is not your ashtray.

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@Dutchess_III Or when they ask at a reasonable time, but only wait for one person at the table to answer as if the table has designated a spokesperson!

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Drivers behind me talking on cell phones.

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When people shrug their shoulders and say “I don’t know” when I know and they know the damn well know! Man that just fries me in my boxers every time. The urge to body slam them is really great at those moments.

IDK is NOT a good or acceptable answer!

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I find that if I stop petting my peeves, they eventually leave.

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People who pile on the dishes but fail to wash them. Only to wait until I wash them so they can use them again.
People who take more than 30 minutes to poop, why?
People who leave their empty soda cans on the table and never put them in the recycling bins that are only a couple feet away.
People who bump into me and never say “excuse me”....I’ll respond with an “excuse you!” and glare at them.
People who walk super slow in the MIDDLE of the store isle. MOVE!
People who come to complete stops right in front of you and take their time to move out of the way.
People who chew with their mouths open.
People who let their children cry bloody murder in public areas and casually shop as if their kid isn’t there.
People who hit their kids when they cry… if that’s going to make them shut up.
People who take hours in the shower…When it takes me less than 40 minutes to shower AND shave…Water wasters!!
Adults who refuse to eat the simplest veggies….C’mon.
Oh yea and my BIGGEST pet peeve lately has been towards people who stare….I am not a painting.

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People who smack when they eat or chew gum. Seriously, close your mouth. And even worse is the, “I can’t breathe if I close my mouth” excuse. Give me a break.

People who interrupt me while I’m talking. One of my roommates constantly does this, and if you continue to talk, he will get louder and louder in order to overpower your voice.

People who drive incredibly slow as well as drivers who ride my butt even though I am going the speed limit or over.

People who ask, “Are you alright?” multiple times a day and insist that you are in a bad mood when you are not. That alone will PUT me in a bad mood.

People who are rude to people waiting on them. This includes servers, receptionists, cashiers, customer service reps, etc. And more specifically, people who are rude to those they do not know for absolutely no reason.

People who think they are entitled to things that they are certainly not entitled to.

Being blatantly ignored. I work with a girl that does not respond to her when I speak sometimes. Come on, get over yourself. Needless to say, she doesn’t like it when the same is done to her.

People that give advice or make comments about things they have absolutely no clue about. And by extension, people who think they know anything and everything. These are the people that will follow up everything you say with, “Actually…”

People who think it’s funny to bop your drink mid-sip so you get drenched, people that trip you as you walk by, or people that scare the hell out of you just to see you jump. I’m sorry, I thought middle school was over?

@xjustxxclaudiax I will definitely second the slow people in the middle of the store isle. And those people that walk in front of you and then completely stop for no apparent reason. Drives me absolutely insane.If you can’t keep up, get out of my way!

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Everything that everyone does is a big pet peeve of mine.

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Questions that have been asked a thousand times on Fluther. Sorry.

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Commode issues…............

Wife and I have had a 45 year battle over the commode lid.

I lower the lid, when finished, for her. But, she refuses to raise the lid for me, when finished,

Many times, she will get up in the middle of the night, to use the restroom. On more than one occasion, her rear has hit the cold commode water. She blames me for this and she is correct.

Question: If I lower the lid for her, then what is holding her back to raise the lid for me?

I know this is a minor issue for most married people. I am willing to do my part, if the other party will do their part.

Is this a pet peeve or just plain stupidity on both our parts?

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@ilana I can definitely relate to that. :)

@erichw1504 Well shoot me.

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@john65pennington My boyfriend says pretty much the same thing. I tell him this: The default position of the toilet seat is down. Therefore, it should stay down. But I don’t get worked up about it like a lot of women seem to. Another argument of his is, “Look before you sit!” :)

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@john65pennington People don’t alternate peeing. Whether it’s raised or lowered, for maximum convenience it should always be the same way.

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Hypocritical behaviors.

Manipulative people.

Non-direct communication ( read, manipulation haha )

People that take their bad moods out others

Co-dependent types that complain about everything/everyone but take no ACTION to change their situations.

Yep, pretty much why I am a semi-hermit these days. lol

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Likeradar, I understand this, but the problem is not with yours truly.

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@john65pennington The logic is simple. You guys are LOOKING at the toilet and you can see the lid needs to be lifted. If you choose not to, and you pee on the lid, oh well. Women, on the other hand, just walk in and sit down and UNEXPECTEDLY FALLING INTO THE COLD WATER IS A LOT MORE UNCOMFORTABLE FOR THE PERSON THAN JUST PEEING ON THE LID! Close the lid or I’ll have you arrested! For…something.

I second all the above.

People who wander down the MIDDLE of the road in a parking lot….

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People who constantly post song lyrics as their Facebook status.

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As a cranky individual who has short supply of patience, I have many pet peeves, however, I will only list a few so that I do not leave a ten paragraph comment:

1.) People who can’t figure out the friggin difference between “your” and “you’re”. It’s very simple.

2.) People who are on welfare because they’re too lazy to get a job. (I’m not saying everyone on welfare is like that…)

3.) People who have to use food stamps to buy groceries for their kids, but pay fifty bucks for a carton of cigarettes.

4.) Waiters who hide until you take a bite before they pop over to ask a question. (You know damn well they do it on purpose, LOL!)

5.) Psycho animal lovers who think that just because I have cats, I should put higher value on their well-being than on the well being of my family. People are animals too, dammit!

6.) Athiests who don’t get to know me before calling me a “bible thumper” or a “fundie”.

7.) Christians who call me a hypocrite because I’m a “believer”, yet I cuss and drink and I refuse to stop speaking my mind very bluntly. We’re all hypocrites in one way or another; give me another beer and kiss my ass.

I have several more, but they involve very controversial topics and I’m not in the mood to start a flame war. =0)

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I have a theory on the whole seat up/seat down argument. It all depends on the ratio of men to women in the house. If there are more men the toilet seat should stay up, seeing as it needs to be “up” a larger percentage of the time. However if there are more women it should stay down. The seat should remain in the state it is used, the majority of the time. It’s all about convenience, or laziness, either way…

For example;

I wouldn’t walk into a house full of dudes and lift up the remote and say, “this TV stays on this channel, whenever you watch something it must go back to this channel once you’ve finished”.

Just as a guy wouldn’t walk into a house full of ladies and say, “this toilet seat remains up until any of you come and put it down, then when you’ve finished you must put it back up again”.

If there are an equal amount of women and men, well then I’m confused…

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Senior men or women who use the self-checkout (which are usually meant for 15 items of less) and either barely know how to use it or scan the items as slowly as possible.

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Re: Seat up or seat down. We just close the lid when we’re done. Looks nicer and nothing ever falls in.

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Onions, I despise onions.

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@john65pennington Sure it is, at least half-way in the situation you described.

OOOH! People who walk into the gym, grab the remote, and change the channel without checking with anyone first.

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Neat folks who feel like it’s okay to organize my stuff when it’s not in their way. Sorry you have to look at it, but I also have to listen to you cleaning the apartment at seven in the morning on a Saturday so TOUGH SHIT.

Along the same lines, when someone feels it’s okay to make a nasty comment about my apartment when they walk in just because it’s messy.

Customers who try to return opened body jewelry. That is just gross.

Customers who make counterfeit money jokes when they pay with a hundred dollar bill.

Customers who pay with a hundred dollar bill when their total comes to less than ten bucks. My establishment is not the bank. If you need to break this, go to the damn bank.

The morbidly obese, alcoholic, pot smoker who condemns cigarette smokers. Look to thine own ass first jackwad.

The atheist who feels the need to tell me just how wrong I am because I believe in a higher power and who expresses this by putting on his/her most patronizing tone and treating me like I’m an idiot.

The pansexual who does the same thing in regards to my declaring myself a bisexual.

Twenty-somethings who screw teenagers and then get mad when people judge them.

We are an angry bunch, ain’t we? :) @john65pennington: The way I see it with the toilet seat is that you can pee sitting down but you choose not to whereas it is extremely difficult for a female to pee standing up without getting pee everywhere. Also, at least, this is what I have noticed, females tend to pee a lot more than males so, we need the seat down more than males need it up. Also, you do use it sitting down sometimes so, most of the bodily functions that take place in the toilet take place sitting down.

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@KatawaGrey High fives for every single peeve you mentioned.

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I now kind of regret bringing up the toilet seat issue. I am being bombed by the women. Any men out there care to be my backup?

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@john65pennington : D’ya really think they’re going to take on a mob of angry wimmen?

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Doctors who disagree on diagnoses so the patient doesn’t know what to believe.
Cancer societies who call and ask me for a donation like they need it.
Neighbors who have their yards mowed all thru fall when the grass isn’t growing.
Hair stylists who keep cutting and cutting until you’re almost bald even when you say, “that’s ‘nuf.”
DVR’s that record shows you’ve never heard of but don’t record shows you’ve set to record.
Mothers who dress babies in just a diaper when the mother is bundled up in sweaters in chilly stores.
People who evidently don’t know that drawers can close as can cabinet doors.
Movie theaters who let pre-teens into R rated movies.

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People who drop litter. So unnecessary and thoughtless.

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I even bought a bright night light for our bathroom, so she would not “fall in again”.

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@ibwhite89 great question, and lots of GA’s everyone.

@john65pennington there is no way to win the toilet seat thing I’m afraid, you should be putting it down for your wife because you love her, and because you’re a gentleman.

As to the question, I can’t bear rudeness, bad manners (can be, but not always, the same thing) people who look at every situation in terms of what they can gain and/or get out of it. People who steal, cruelty in all its many forms, unfairness and unkindness. People who try to force their opinions/views onto others.

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bunnygrl, I have lost this arguement for 45 years, so I do not expect any new changes in the future,

I once thought of hanging a life jacket next to the toilet paper roll. NOT!!

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I’m not feeling that peevish today, but I will say that I get irritated by some know-it-alls here who feel it’s necessary to “reiterate” a point they make on a thread when no one argued with them the first time. Yeah, we read it, maybe we’re not as stupid as you think we are, maybe we just didn’t think yours was the last word. I guess I’m doing pretty well if that’s the worst I can come up with, today. I promise to be angrier tomorrow.
Hi, Wundy!

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My biggest pet peeve is all the hairs that cats leave around. And furballs, too. Just gross.

And people who don’t clean up after their pet elephants. Getting elephant poo in the living room carpet is the worst! It really gets my goat. Well, not my goat, because I don’t have a pet goat, but you know what I mean.

And there there are people who say “think outside the box.” What box?

And the people who slow down when trying to merge into traffic. Hellooooo. The cars are going 60 miles an hour! Maybe your car can go from zero to sixty in four seconds, but it’s my other car that is the Lamborghini.

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ilana, i believe in your ratio theory as to which position the commode lid should stay, based on the gender number in the house.

Will this count? my border collie is male. This makes two males against one female. I guess now I will have to teach my border collie how to use and flush the commode. He’s intelligent and will catch-on fairly fast.

Two to one ratio. Maybe, this will work. I will hide all my guns, just in case.

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My ratio theory only applies to those of the human variety. But who knows they may have a similar policy in the local dog shelter…I bet your dog is awesome though and could learn how to pee into the bowl accurately without needing the toilet seat up at all.

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I did not take into consideration that females can only pee in one position. This may change everything.

I will discuss this with my wife. I have a feeling I am again about to lose this arguement.

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Poor grammar and spelling.

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@theninth what’s worse is when articles on websites have multiple mistakes. Sometimes I feel like they need to hire new writers.

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Oh, I have many, but here’s what I can come up with:

People who are loud and obnoxious. Just stop, please.
People who are ok with being mediocre.
People who tell me I’m being selfish or not doing the right thing for not wanting to have kids. What if I said you were being selfish for bringing more children into the world instead of adopting those who are already here and need loving homes?
People who follow the heard without thinking for themselves, and then condemn anyone else who doesn’t do the same.
People who look the other way when it comes to misogyny, racism, injustice, etc.
Women who look at me sideways for no good reason.
People who think it’s ok to talk down to/demean/bully/covertly take out physical aggression on (like slamming a baby in a chair) their children. Children are precious, and you’re not fit to be a parent.
People who don’t care about anything.
Unexpectedly walking in, touching, or leaning against something wet. I don’t like wet things.
Corrupt governments.
Talking over loud music.
Being out of shape. I looked pitiful trying to do P90X’s plyometrics yesterday lol
Doctors who don’t know anything about nutrition.
People who disregard natural medicine. Plants were here before pills.
And finally, for now at least, being in school! I hate it. Why can’t I just learn at my own pace instead of having deadlines that make me anxious and instructors who give unclear instructions?

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what @Simone_De_Beauvoir said. In fact, I dislike 90% of all tourists.
Most of my pet peeves have to do with the subway. For an example, I hate it whenever someone tries to squeeze in a crowded subway and the conductor can’t close the doors. Here’s an idea: wait for the next fucking train!

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Baggers at the grocery store who don’t acknowledge that I’m even there after I say Thank you to them. I used to bag groceries and I would always smile and say something like “See you next week.” “Thank you.” “Have a good day.” or “Do you need any help with that?” I was there to do a service and part of the service was greeting, acknowleging and thanking our customers.

Customers that throw money onto the counter instead of handing it to the cashier.

People that stand so far back in line (from the checkout counter) at the grocery store, that you think they are just milling around or still shopping and not actually in line, and so when you try to get into that line, they yell at you. I’m talking about a space where 3 or 4 other people with carts could easily fit into that space.

And the opposite of the above situation, where you are at a takeout place and there’s a person (or a group of people) standing at the register (even leaning on the counter) and you come up behind them, thinking that you are getting in line. After 5 minutes or so, someone from behind the counter hands them their bagged order. Turns out that they were NOT in line to order (they already ordered), but even though they (the customer and the cashier) saw you walk in the door, neither one bothers to tell you that you can step in front of them (or to the side? Where?) to place your order.

Or to try to avoid the above situation, you ask the people standing at the counter, who don’t seem to be in the process of ordering (so you’re not sure what they’re doing) you ask them, “Have you already ordered? Is this the end of the line?” they give you a dirty look and say NO! The restaurants should have clear line delineations and signs at the counter that say Order Here and Pick Up Here. That would end all of this foolishness.

When you go to a place like Subway (which is never, now that I’ve discovered Jersey Mikes) and they ask you what you want. You say, “I’d like the veggie on whole wheat with lettuce, pickles, onions and avocado.” Then they start moving your bun down the line, and they proceed to ask you at each container, “Do you want lettuce? Do you want pickles? Do you want onions? Do you want avocado?” Then they tell you that avocado will cost you extra!!! Even though you did not get any meat on your sandwich, they make you pay extra for what should naturally come with a veggie sandwich.

And last, but not least, whenever you go to a takeout restaurant and say, “I’d like a bean burrito and a small drink and that will be to go.” They will ask (not a milisecond later) if you want that order to go. I’m afraid I’ve resorted to saying, “Yes, I’d like that to go, just like I told you.” And that makes me bad, because then I was rude too. I don’t like other people to respond with rudeness, and I’m afraid I’ve been guilty of it, in this particular situation, so now I will try harder not to do it anymore. It just makes the whole transaction much uglier than it needs to be. And I realize that most takeout clerks are working from a script and they just can’t help it, and in this particular case, they weren’t even being rude, just oblivious, but I was actually being rude for presenting my retort. I don’t like myself when I do that.

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@Kardamom: That reminds me of ordering a quesadilla at one of the places on my campus. The first time I ordered a quesadilla, I said I wanted a quesadilla with tomatoes and jalapenos. Then, I was asked if I wanted cheese on it. I almost said, “You know what quesadilla means, right?” but it felt too rude to say that.

@Facade: Bravo for your list, especially the natural medicine one. What do people think pills are made of, rock dust?

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When people use the wrong kind of you’re/your or they’re/their/there, or worst of all, putting apostrophe’s in plural word’s as if they were possessive term’s.

Then there’s always the should of, and suppose to.

I don’t mind if you’re religious, but I do mind if you try to shove your beliefs upon me/tell me I’m a bad person.

When people don’t know how to move more than half a mile an hour while walking directly in front of you, paying no attention to the people behind them.

The list could go on and on, haha.

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Okay, here’s a new one spawned from this.

Being told that women who swear are unattractive, or ill-mannered, or un-ladylike, or stupid, or “sounds like a tramp who will jump into bed with strangers”...

I’ve seen half the people on that thread cuss, so don’t even give me that crap. And why does it have to be about women? Women are no more unattractive for it than men are.

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@xjustxxclaudiax Are you sure you have not been living MY life? I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw your picks.

@KatawaGrey You just reminded me that when I go to Rubios (which I love) I always order the supreme nachos without any meat. Then they always ask, “Do you want cheese on that?” That’s what it IS! It’s cheese on chips, just without the meat. If it didn’t have cheese, it would just be a bag of chips.

xjustxxclaudiax's avatar

@Kardamom- hahaha I feel bad knowing I’m not the only one! >_<

Another one I have is towards pretty girls who “swear” that they’re ugly or constantly say they are ugly just so they can have people disagree and tell them they’re pretty….Seriously?...Ok your ugly.

KatawaGrey's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate: Ugh. Yeah. I had a roommate who declared that we were not allowed to swear in the room because it was “un-ladylike.” Meanwhile, we were afraid to leave her alone in the room because we thought she was going to destroy our stuff.

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People who think they know anything about anthropology, especially “Stone Age” people, who actually don’t. Which is to say 99.99% of the times anyone says anything related to that.

Like @Facade, I also get pissed at people who don’t know shit about natural medicine, particularly if they act all demeaning. For instance, people acting like synthetic antibiotics can’t be rivaled, despite garlic working just as well without destroying your immune and digestive systems. And I guess this is related to my first pet peeve, since most people can’t even conceive of stone age peoples having high qualities of life (they did/do!).

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@xjustxxclaudiax I had a former friend who had the beauty and body of a young Brooke Shields But my friend constantly went on and on and on about how fat she was and that it was extremely important for her to look a certain way. She didn’t start out that way, but after her first boyfriend dumped her (ironically for a short, chubby girl) she became impossible to be around. I’m pretty average looking, and didn’t think that I had too many hang ups about my looks, but after awhile of her constantly saying she was fat, I started to wonder if she thought I was hideous looking (although I’m not) but she must have thought so, because I was shorter and wider and a few years older than her and do not in anyway look like a super model (of which she was always being compared to) During this time that I knew her, she was always on the hunt for a man and kept telling me that she had to have a mate to feel complete. When I asked her what she thought about me not having a mate at the time, she said something like, “I don’t expect you to understand and it’s different for you.” That made me feel pretty crappy. We didn’t stay friends much longer after that, because she started blowing me off every time some man would call her. Over the five years that we were friends, she probably dated between 20 and 40 guys (one of whom was married and a few who were clearly not available). She finally did get a husband, though. I met him once and I thought he was a real douche bag, which is such a shame, because several terrific men were interested in her over the years, but they weren’t “tall enough” or “well educated enough” or “well connected enough” or “monied enough” for her.

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I would like to add to the toilet discussion, as a male.

The toilet seat should stay DOWN. Why? Because most males can’t urinate without dripping on the floor underneath the toilet bowl. I don’t want to stand in a dried up puddle of your urine when I’m doing my business. The last time I was house sharing I put a big note on the toilet seat that read, “STOP PISSING ON THE FUCKING FLOOR OR I WILL JUST PISS ON YOUR FEET”. So for the good of humankind, put the seat down and SIT.

xjustxxclaudiax's avatar

@Kardamom- Ugh I cant stand people like that. They always feel that their problems are worse than the rest of us and don’t bother to put themselves in our shoes for a while. So selfish. I knew a few people who were like that, our friendship didn’t last.

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People who will stand there and watch you paint your house, wash windows or trim the bushes and ask “what are you doing?” You tell them, and they ask “Why?”

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People who can’t park between the lines

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Here’s another one I was just reminded of:

When people lump ALL “religious” people into the same category and make a stupid blanket statement.

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@WillWorkForChocolate: My god, woman, Where have you been all my life?

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How about the people who take a cart into Trader Joe’s (narrow aisles) then park it on an angle in the middle of the aisle and then walk away from it so that no one can’t get past. Are they too stupid and self involved not to notice that there are 10 people backing up behind that cart? I’ve moved people’s carts out of the way before, in this situation, and I’ve never heard anyone say, “Oh, I’m sorry I was blocking everyone.” I usually get a dirty look.

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How about power crazed lunatics that are somehow in charge of entire countries.

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Unnecessary sidewalk debris; specifically spit, gum and doggy-doo.

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People who get mad at me for being “silly and nonsensical”. Apparently, grown women with husbands and children are supposed to be very serious and anal.

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People who do things thinking, I suppose, that they’re being polite when, in fact, they’re creating a confusing cluster of frustration. For example, a person stops at a 4-way stop. Three seconds later another person stops at the sign intersecting the first. The second person waits, totally expecting the first person to go because they were there first, but, after several seconds the first person waves the second person to go on through. QUIT!

Re toilet seat. Final answer. If you had company and they walked into the bathroom, would they really appreciate seeing the second toilet lid up and ready for man pee? Further more, who is the one who cleans the toilet? It gets much nastier under there than in does on the second lid, and sometimes it’s convenient to hide it for a while (kind of like the top of the fridge, you know.) Are you willing to clean it up every other day John P? (heh!) THE End!! Wimmins win a-GAIN!

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