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Can you use two (or more) NIC cards and use multiple internet connections?

Asked by hedgepig (21points) March 14th, 2011

I have a few choices for my internets (phones, ISP, random neighbor’s wifi). If I want to use multiple NIC cards, will Windows allow me? And if their is a problem with the ports or the browsers, can I use VM-ware to solve it? Is there any possible scenario that this would work?

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Yes, you can and most business enterprises will have several NIC’s in one server. (Load balancer, Teamed Nic’s, heartbeat, EBR, ILO, etc.).

VM and Hyper-V play a different role, but explain what you are trying to solve….
.What is it you want to do?

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Yeah – get two connections and interleave them. Mmmmm…. double bandwidth….

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I think what you want is called multihoming. It’s not usually used to increase bandwidth on a particular socket or to interleave sockets but rather to increase the reliability of access. As far as I know you could use it to increase performance though, with some tweaking.

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