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When was the most recent occasion you struck a bet & how often do you gamble in this way?

Asked by ucme (45421points) March 15th, 2011

Yeah, i’m not talking about slapping a lady named Betty here. No tales of domestic violence, especially against women thank you very much. Basically the question speaks for itself, i’d only add to the equation whether that particular bet payed out & if so how much wonga did you collect?

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I usually don’t bet for cash….just cruel and unusual punishments.Ask Vunessuh.XD

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@....well yours is the only name up there, so of course it’s you! Ahh, those type of bets are far more rewarding than a bit of petty cash :¬)

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m gunna whoop your ass at Yahtzee and then you’ll have to eat meatloaf. Mwuahaha!

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@Vunessuh -Well,Sparky,we will shoot hoops for electric shocks with a dog collar! XD

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If my deceased mother-in-law were still alive, she probably would hit me with her broom over this game….................

Scrabble. All the tiles were gone. End of the game. Only my mother-in-law and I were left with her 4 tiles and me with just one. By some miracle, she located an open space on the Scrabble board, that awarded her a triple score. The word she placed on the triple was ZINC. She had won the game, or at least she thought so. My one tile left was a Y. I studied for ten minutes, attempting to locate an open space for it. And, then it happened! I placed my Y tile to her ZINC word and made the word ZINCY. My mother-in-law immediately challenged me. She grabbed the Scrabble Dictionary and I had never heard the like of profanity that came out of her mouth. ZINCY is a legitimate Scrabble Dictionary word.

She was so disgusted, that she grabbed her broom and flew home.

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The NCAA brackets are out, doing them today. I will wager almost anything. Have an over/under bet for tomorrow’s high temperature at 57.5 degrees with a co-worker, even odds. I love gambling. A good way to potentially get some tax-free income, the best kind!

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The only bet I have made recently was buying a $10 square for the Super Bowl. I had Green Bay 7, Pittsburgh 0. If Green Bay had waited a bit to score their second TD, I would have made $250 on the 1st quarter score.

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I’ll bet right now that lucille and Vanessuh don’t the stones to play a game of horse (basketball) wearing chicken suits and dog shock collars. $20.00 each. Must have video to collect.

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I bet that Natalie Portman wouldn’t win Best Actress for “Black Swan.” Good thing money wasn’t involved.

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I bought a lottery ticket about 3 weeks ago. How often? Less than once a month. Maybe half a dozen times a year, at most.

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Money is never involved, but I’m always saying to my brother, “I’ll bet you a million bucks that (insert the name of one of our relatives) will do or not do something.” We’ve had a few relatives that have made some wildly stupid decisions, or have done things that are totally out of character for them.

Example: Our young, barely-made-it-out-of-high-school female cousin hooked up with a total douche-bag and got pregnant. So I said to my brother, “I’ll bet you a million bucks that she ends up pregnant again.” She did, and we had to have a family intervention to get her away from this guy (who turned out to be an abuser) away from her.

Example: My junk food junkie male cousin who never ate much beyond funyons, donuts, doritos, carne asada burritos and McDonald’s hamburgers, went to college and then announced to us that he had become a vegetarian. (I’m the only vegetarian in our family, so at first I was excited for him) but I said to my brother, “I’ll bet you a million bucks that he doesn’t stay a vegetarian for long.” I suspect that he “became a vegetarian” because he had met a young lady who was a vegetarian and he was trying to impress her. He not only stopped being a vegetarian, he’s now the biggest consumer of junky junk food and cheap fatty meat products without any regards to quality.

Example: One branch of our family was moving to another city. This particular branch of the family is known for being huge, unorganized slobs (although they’re really nice and a lot of fun). They said that they were going to clean up their stuff and get rid of a bunch of stuff and neatly box up the rest of it before they moved. So I said to my brother, “I’ll bet you a million bucks that they don’t get rid of anything.” True to form, they didn’t even put anything into packing boxes and another cousin had to go over there and literally shovel their belongings into the back of a U-haul, because everything was loose and nothing had been sorted or thrown away.

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@Kardamom Start betting real money, like a buck. Make an over/under bet on the first 75 degree day of the year by you. That’s a nice place to start.

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The online version of the local newspaper has a game where we can earn points and then use them to play Black Jack or Slot Machine. I go through thousands of points every day.

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every now and then i lay a quarter on the table to back up my certainty of the spelling or pronunciation of a word. then my husband and i go to the dictionary (sometimes to several dictionaries). surprise: i am not always right. i’d say about 15–20% of the time i lose the quarter.

used to be a nickel. inflation, you know.

very occasionally i challenge my son on something. this is the one who failed out of school in grade 8 and went for the ged when he turned 18. he nearly always wins.

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I don’t make money bets. Sometimes a co worker and I will make “bets” on the amount of time others will last with the company but we don’t bet or barter for it.

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I make bets only involving household chores or things similar to that. Most are regarding spelling and other random facts. I never gamble with money (that’s what shopping is for)

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