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When you were young, what did you want to be?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16598points) March 16th, 2011

This includes careers, hobbies, basically anything that would describe the adult you wanted to grow into.

How accurate was your vision? Did you do anything to work towards it? Given the chance, would you want to achieve that goal today?

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First I wanted to be a paramedic who reads comic books (age 5–6ish)

Then I wanted to be a fighter pilot (F4 Phantoms) who reads comic books (age 6–7ish)

Finally I wanted to be an artist who reads comic books (age 8 and on)

Now, as an adult, I’m a graphic designer who reads comic books.

Pretty close. :^)

I have, however, never saved a life or flown a plane.

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For most of my childhood I dreamed about being an astronaut.

Yeah, that never happened. :)

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Well, they told me I could become anything I wanted.
So I became a God.

I wanted to be a pilot once.

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I wanted to be Superman, then a pilot, then a writer.

Guess which one I kinda sorta turned out to be.

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Well I wanted to be many things… But singing and writing were always at the top. However I really loved animals when I was little, and naturally wanted to be a Zookeeper. Until I realized zoos are prisons for innocent animals.

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In elementary school, I wanted to be an archaeologist.

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I started out wanting to be an astronaut. However, about the time I hit high school where I would have really started preparing for such a career the Apollo program, the flagship of the American space program was pretty much defunct.

Then, I set my sights on rock star. I made a fairly good go of it, but like most never quite made the jump from local player to sustainable success.

I finally fulfilled my reluctant destiny as an uber nerd.

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The ones that lasted the longest were elephant trainer and funeral director. My goal now is to become a gender therapist but I don’t not want to do those two things. Most of my other childhood career goals make me crinkle my nose now.

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Professional singer and pianist
Music therapist

I’m a piano playing singing mother who is a professional personal therapist to my children.

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I wanted to be an archaeologist. Indiana Jones kid from the 80’s

I also loved watching Jaques Cousteau, I wanted to be on his crew. I think that is how you spell his name.

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@JmacOroni: Yeah but your ass is outta this world. ~

ooh that was bad. sorry.

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I too wanted to be an astronaut like @JmacOroni
I was on monthly distribution of things from NASA and would watch all the launches.

At least i kept the ass part of my dream.

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I wanted to work for the KGB, then I wanted to be a figure skater, then I wanted to be a doctor which pretty much remained the ‘plan’ – now I want to teach college kids.

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One day when I was about sixteen years old, my father asked me what I was going to be;
what work or trade would I enter. I answered him that I was going to be a ‘bum’ (tramp).
Years earlier, as a young boy I had seen a bearded man pulling a child’s wagon along a
desert southwest highway, as I was riding by him in our car, on a cross-country road trip.
Something about that man from that two-second view impressed me. I guess I thought
he was a bum.

As I answered my father’s question, I immediately changed my answer to him by saying,
“An adventurer.” More recently, I explained to my father that what I had meant to say
many years ago, but could not put into words at the time that he ask, was that I wanted
my freedom. I did not want to become another groveling wage slave. I think we are all
adventurers in life. Sometimes we are bold and sometimes we are shy, as we go about
chasing after our dreams.

The view, from a flatcar, going over the Sierra Nevada Range
near Tahoe, during the spring snow melt is breathtaking!
Being able to dance about with joy, on a ‘private’ flat car,
moving through all that stark beauty, is a true pleasure.

Catching a ‘Glory Train’ in Sparks, NV can be a little tricky.
To avoid being rejected, the cover of darkness may be helpful.

A ghost train, is a train, of which you are not aware.
NEVER, walk between RR tracks, always walk to one side!
When a ghost train rolls by, you will not be in the way!

She slipped by me, silent as a panther, clipped my bed roll and spun me around, gently.
A moment later, I shuddered, as I realized how badly my adventure could have ended,
if I had been walking on her path, between the tracks.

For lack of better ways to alleviate the boredom of my developmentally challenged youth,
I traveled about the western half of our country hitchhiking, until one day, Fate, offered me
a free train ride. I learned to prefer the privacy, and the lay down sleeping comfort,
of riding alone on freight trains. Somehow, I lost my watch, while riding in the company
of another bum.

At various times, I carried freight, my load of supplies, with me on my mechanical mule,
a bicycle, and loaded everything onto a freight train, for the longer hauls.

Shasta is beautiful from the rails, with no need to keep your eyes on the road.
There is an underground stream that comes out near the siding where the trains stop
to pass by each other. Some places I waited a few days before another train stopped
or was going slow enough to allow me to get aboard.

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I never wanted to be much of anything. This question always stumped me. But I have succeeded fully in the ambition.

I did have a job thrust upon me, but is such an overarching and comprehensive job, that it would be impossible for anyone, much less me. Of course, I have failed completely at that.

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I wanted to be an Astronaut, then a radio disk jockey, then a writer, then a movie director.
I have given up on the Astronaut dream, since I am too tall, and get space sick easy.

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I wanted to be a nfl super star…but then reality hits..

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I always wanted to be a soldier or a night in shinning armour to be more precise :-/
As a kid I was captivated by all those old black & white & early colour epics of heraldry & honour….. After the Falklands war I decided not to put my fate in the hands of some faceless bumbling politician, being sent to hell knows where & being killed for the sake of someone’s political rise as so many did back then… not my cup of tea old chap…….

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@Scooby Maybe you should have been a mercenary – then you get to choose your jobs!

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Funny you should say that Lol, I remember thinking the exact same thing when John Rambo made his screen appearance later in the same year, after the Falklands war took place… I had only just gone fifteen though….. I was still a paper boy Lol…… I’ve had my fair share of conflict since ;-)
Not all through choice…....... :-/

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As a child I wanted to do nothing but travel around the world then
As a teen I wanted to do nothing but travel around the world and sleep with beautiful women.

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