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What is Hanger Steak?

Asked by tpdeas (4points) March 16th, 2011

I do know where this cut is from but have tried to describe to my local butcher who greets me with blank looks and just says it must be tenderloin.

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Maybe this will help.

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It is so far from tenderloin you need a new butcher. I always used it interchangably with flank steak. Treat them the same.

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I’m with @Adirondackwannabe go to a different butcher.

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If he truly doesn’t know then I doubt he’s a real butcher.

This is one of those cuts of meat which butchers kept to take home since most of the general public had no idea how flavorful and inexpensive it truly was. It was underappreciated for many years by everybody but butchers.

But then Fajitas hit popularity status and hanger steak soared in popularity.

So, he’s either feigning ignorance so he can take it home for the family or he really is a hopeless dumbass and a disgrace to the butchers profession.

I second the motion to find a better butcher.

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He’s probably more familiar with the term “skirt steak”.

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