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If you buy a ticket to see Charlie Sheen Live are you an enabling him?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24569points) March 16th, 2011

If you purchase a ticket to witness Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth

is that enabling?

Also, why is this one of the fastest selling tickets ever

Gaper/Train wreck mentality of the ticket buyer? Or?

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I think it would be. But his life right now is like a car accident: it’s hard to look away. Hence the ticket sales.

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But, in all honesty, it’s not my job to run his life. Those close to him have to step up their game. And, in fact, showing him how he’s allowing himself to be exploited as a trainwreck may be just the kick in the ass he needs.

Something’s got to make him hit rock bottom.

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@iamthemob But, is it possible that he already knows he being exploited as a train wreck and either doesn’t care or is doing it on purpose?

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@erichw1504 – Absolutely. But, seeing it happen may be what makes him care in the end.

And if he’s doing it on purpose, well…that’s more him taking control of his life than anything else.

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@iamthemob The problem I have with that is, the people surrounding him are cashing in on this too. This is not just Charlie making this money. How will he hit rock bottom out on tour?

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Sure, but what isn’t enabling of these celebrities these days?

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First of all, I think he knows exactly what he is doing. I think he is trying to do a Conon O’brien-like social media comeback, but he lacks the wit and charm of Conan, so he’s resorted to this. So, no, I don’t think they are enablers. I think they are entertainment seeking people, just like someone who would buy a ticket to the Super Bowl.

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I agree that you are contributing to CS’s disfunction. It’s blood money.

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@J0E I don’t think that you can compare Charlie Sheen with what Conan O’Brien did. Charlie Sheen has significant reality problems not so Conan O’Brien.

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@filmfann Correction: It’s tiger blood money.

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Enabling him to do what? Destroy himself?

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Yes, and funding his lifestyle continuation.

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I don’t know about that, but I do know that by not paying either money for or attention to anything having to do with this marginally talented, monumentally offensive egomaniac, I’m choosing to keep him out of my consciousness.

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It is like watching BumFights. You are encouraging that kind of behavior.

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Why would I buy a ticket to see Charlie Sheen?

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@syz just a hypothetical. I wouldn’t do it either. Apparently thousands of people are though

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Of course not.

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Genuinely, I don’t think anything can stop the train wreck that is his life right now. He’s behaving like a spoilt child, but thats the point really I suppose. Maybe he’s been too many years surrounded by yes men? He’s been on this path for so many years, it’s been an accident waiting to happen. He filmed in Scotland a few years and ended up all over the news I still hope that something happens, or somebody gets through to him, something that will change the course his life seems to be on, so that he’ll get help. I don’t think anyone going to see him on this tour is helping though, it’s just confirming, in his mind at least, that he’s “right” that everyone else is wrong and jealous maybe?. It’s a very sad thing.

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I think so, yes.

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It is sad to watch him and how he reacts to things. I feel bad for him and hope that he can find his way to happiness. I wouldn’t buy a ticket and yes I think that is helping him stay the way he is.

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Assuming he is neither family nor friend, it is not for you to worry about. He is just another entertainer. Buy the ticket or not depending on your perceived value of the show.

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Yes it is enabling him. In his state of mind he probably sees it as public approval for his behavior. As to why people are attracted is because people can’t help but be attracted to a train wreck. It makes them feel a lot better about their own lives. Think about it. They get to see a guy who had everything going for him. Fame, looks, money and he crashing hard.
Its a reminder that no matter how high up the ladder you climb that it just means the fall will be that much harder.
However if I ever wanted to see a train wreck with him as one of the stars, than I would like to see him and Palin and Howard Stern go at it in a cage. Of course, I wouldn’t pay to see it though. I’ll wait till it comes out on tv and watch it when I need to really laugh.

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winner winner chicken dinner

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Yup. Guy’s a moron. He’ll probably be dead in a few years.

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Am I the only one that finds it hilariously appropriate that this tour kicks off in Detroit?

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Yes. He is uninteresting. A life needs to be gotten.

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Yes, and all the people around him are doing so, as well. However, their motives are clear. As long as he finds any way to make money, they still see the dollar signs.

It is sad that society loves to watch a train wreck, and anyone that wants to watch, can see this one coming from miles away.

There is nothing entertaining about this, whether it’s real or staged, like some reports have suggested, it’s just sad.

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I think it’s just boring.

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Ok, sure, but then how is buying a ticket to see Snoop Dogg not enabling his drug habit, or buying a ticket to see Mel Gibson’s latest movie not enabling his domestic violence?

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@blueiiznh NO! Chicken chicken Sheen dinner.

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@MyNewtBoobs Good point. Since I haven’t purchased anything from either, I guess I’m in the clear ;) Haven’t seen Mel Gibson in a movie since I watched this crapo film of his

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@SpatzieLover – Guess I’m with you. I haven’t seen a Mel Gibson movie in an extremely long time. Don’t think I’ve ever purchased a Snoop Dogg…well, anything. (no music, no tickets…nada!)

@MyNewtBoobs: Sure, I can see your point, but still stand by my opinion. l still think Sheen might be playing the public, a bit.

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OK, I just realized the way the questions was phrased is weird.

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@MyNewtBoobs Mel Gibson gets away with domestic abuse because there will always be some stupid women with low self esteem who thinks she will be the magical solution to his problem. Poor guys beat women the same as a rich guy. I don’t think going belly up is going to change his anger issues.
As for rappers they are just different. Snoop came from a gang so I think its just expected. However if people did stop buying tickets or his albums than maybe he will have to fix himself and other rappers to follow will see that staying clean is the only way to keep their careers. But unfortuantely young people don’t go to see him to see a train wreck. Rather they see him sometimes as a success story because of where he came from.

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@Pandora By “getting away” I meant that Mel Gibson doesn’t tend to face the legal charges that the regular Joe might. I don’t really think that by buying these tickets you’re enabling someone – if you can’t separate the art from the person, then there’s very little art in the world. My point was that since I can see the point that one is enabling Sheen, I don’t think you’re enabling him any more than any other artist who does things you disagree with.

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