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If you took a confirmation name, do you use it as part of your official name?

Asked by tedibear (18053points) March 16th, 2011

I don’t know how many religions use a confirmation name – the only one I know of is Catholicism. For those of you who have a confirmation name, do you use it as part of your name on things like job applications, credit card applications, etc.?

I knew a girl in college who did, and I always thought it was odd. She used two middle initials. (Example: Ann M.E. Smith.) I have several Catholic friends and relatives, and none of them include their confirmation name in every day use.

I ask this only out of curiosity, nothing more.

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I do. I guess it depends on how much you like it. But it is still part of your name, going after you middle name and before your surname. I chose my grandfather’s name, Francis Xavier, so now I have five initials—dxfxs

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I don’t use mine. I’ve never known anybody who has used it.

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Angel lips, it is the only name I use on job applications…. so far, I have never been turned down from any job I wanted. hehe

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I don’t, and no one in my family has, except my father when he was young. My father had no middle name, and always wanted one. When he was confirmed, he used his confirmation name as his middle name through high school. He stopped that when he went in the Navy during the Second World War.

I don’t think anyone in my family knows my confirmation name, except perhaps my mother. I don’t know my siblings’ confirmation names.

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I do not use mine in my official or legal name.
I did use it in my initials for a few years after while in Catholic grade school.
Since then I held it close and personal and that was good enough for me.

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I do not include my confirmation name in my full legal name. Like @shego I do not know anyone who does.

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You can though use it if you wish. Sometimes it’s encouraged. But I don’t use mine because then I’d have two confirmation names giving myself five names.

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My confirmation name is William (after my grandad who died around the time I made my confirmationI missed him terriblyso did it in honour) I am female so i would probably be a bit strange to go by that name!

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I do, because my father and I share the same first name. Adds a little clarity.

It was a long standing tradition in my family (from my father’s side) to have our given names start with A/?/E Lastname.

So my initials are ARE Z. and my father’s ANE Z.. My sister has AME Z, and so on.

My kids miss out on it, though… They are JLE and MAE. Just don’t like my father so much as to continue his tradition. All he and I share are our names.

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